Essential Things Every Bridesmaid Should Pack For a Wedding Day

The wedding day is finally coming up, and you're a little frustrated because you have such an important role. We know what you are going through, and it's perfectly okay. This article will provide you with some details about how you should get ready for the wedding with minor difficulties and a perfect outcome.


If you were looking for the detailed list of physical and abstract packing material, here's what we have got for you:

Absolute necessities

The timeline

You will need a detailed timeline to know the plan of the wedding. As a bridesmaid, you should attend every single ceremony and be there for the bride. You will need to know about the photoshoot, bridesmaids' speech time and other important milestones.

Contact details of the guests and other bridesmaids

Get yourself ready for the emergencies. Have the phone numbers of the guests, other bridesmaids, photographers, party planners and other essential components of the wedding party.

Cell phone charger

Do we even need to explain why you will need this on a day-long party?

Snacks and water

Even though you are going to attend a dinner party, you will also have to run around the whole day on the ceremonies, photo shoots, and other tiring activities. You might want to have a bag of snacks and a bottle of water near you.

Dry and wet tissues

Tissues are never too much. Keep the dry ones with you and the wet wipes for the emergencies.

Fashion essentials

Bridesmaid dress

Often we forget the most important things. Bridesmaid dresses are essential, and there's no excuse for forgetting yours at home. Remember to grab it before you go off to the rehearsal and a photo shoot.

Backup shoes

We can not stress enough the importance of the backup shoes. People also call them the dancing shoes. They are comfortable, on low heels and relieve your feet from the pain.

Other fashion essentials

Remember that flower girl dresses carry an important role. If you are the one responsible about organizing that (or your kid is the flower girl), remember to pack the dress too.

Grab a stain remover for the clumsy ones. Double stick tape is also something you should have in your bag, in case of wardrobe malfunctions. And don't forget the change clothes if you're heading to the after party or want to feel comfortable at the end of the party.

Essentials for emergency situations


Bandaids are multifunctional helpers. You can use them to cover the blisters on your feet (from the new shoes), aid yourself in case the glass broke, and you cut your skin.

Female hygiene objects

You can never be too careful with this one. Keep every essential to yourself and help other ladies in need.


Pain relievers, eye drops, hand creams, face creams, and a sedative. Some of these are absolute necessities when you are attending a day-long party with the possibility of an extension.

It takes enthusiasm, precision, and great organizational skills to be a perfect bridesmaid. Take our advice to heart and prepare yourself and others for a perfect wedding day.

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