Why you should consider buying diamonds at wholesale from a local dealer in Dallas

Diamonds are the number one choice precious stone for both regular and engagement rings, as well as being featured in the design of other pieces of jewellery such as earrings and necklaces.

Unfortunately, they are not the cheapest item to purchase, especially if you choose to shop in a physical store, which is why many people turn to the Internet and search online for virtual outlets which sell diamonds instead. Online retailers can sell at more competitive prices because they buy direct from a wholesaler as traditional jewellers do, but have fewer overheads to cover.

Why you should consider buying diamonds at wholesale from a local dealer in Dallas

You can actually reduce the cost of buying diamonds if you choose to buy directly from the wholesaler yourself, as you don’t have to cover the fee an online retailer adds to cover their expenses and profit margin. Even better, if you buy locally then there may not even be postage costs to cover.

If this sounds appealing to you – and there are many reasons why it will, there are a few important things you need to consider before you go ahead and buy diamonds in a wholesale transaction from a local dealer in Dallas.

1 – Check out the company is legitimate

Most people buy items like a diamond engagement ring from a jewellery store or a specialist online outlet. Few legitimate companies sell wholesale diamonds direct to customers because they make their profit by selling in huge quantities. The average person looking for a well priced diamond engagement isn't going to even cause a blip of interest on their radar. Consequently, should you see ads for a direct wholesale diamond seller you must check they are completely trustworthy.

Search online for reviews from previous customers, and look at the company’s status on official sites like the BBB [Better Business Bureau]. Stick with companies like Shira Diamonds Dallas which sources diamonds from their own global supplies, and employs specialist jewellers to create the ring of your dreams based on the specs and vision you share.

2 – Don't focus only on the final cost

Of course, the final fee owing should prove to be a considerable saving on the price you would pay if buying the same type of ring design and diamond from either an online jewellery store, or a specialist physical store. However, as with anything in life, if it seems too good to be true then it probably is. Ridiculously cheap prices could easily mask fake diamonds, or a poor quality metal band.

Just these two tips alone should secure you a really good quality diamond engagement ring at a bargain wholesale price. Having access to top quality diamonds at bargain prices can often mean the freedom (and budget) to upgrade on size and setting. It may take a little extra effort and time, but where possible buying diamonds at wholesale from a local dealer in Dallas is always going to be a great decision.

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