Custom Diamond Watches - Excellent Items To Gift Your Lady Love

Watches are one of the most popular fashion accessories these days. They are not only looked upon as timepieces, but also as fashion symbols. Expensive timepieces are a depiction of one’s class and status. If you are planning to gift your lady an exclusive watch, look for one with diamonds on it. Diamonds are said to be a woman’s best friend. Branded watches, embedded with diamond pieces, are perfect gift items for the feminine gender.

Custom Diamond Watches - Excellent Items To Gift Your Lady Love

Head towards the luxury time store and you may just find that perfect timepiece to gift your sweetheart. Diamond embedded watches are common from several Swiss watchmakers. Brands like, Rolex, Rado, Breitling, Tissot, Omega and Longines are renowned for their diamond watches. If you can afford, definitely go for these brands. You can even customize the design of a watch. But, it would take a lot of time to create the custom designed watch exclusively for you. Also, the pricing will be higher than the timepieces being displayed at the store. But, then, being unique always makes sense, isn’t it so?

Features To Include In a Custom Diamond Watch
When ordering custom diamond watches, you must carefully focus on the functioning part. A watch can function in different ways. It can be a digital, an analog or a mechanical watch. It can have a quartz movement or automatic movement. It may operate through wrist movement, kinetic energy or through battery power. A watch can be solar-powered too. When you are placing the order for a custom designed timepiece, focusing on these aspects is crucial.

Focusing On The Designing Part, Especially The Bezel
Luxury timepieces feature highly innovative bezels, most of them with the ability to rotate. However, it is not mandatory for a watch to feature rotating bezel. Have a look at the different types of bezels that are common to luxury timepieces.
- Count-Up Bezel, with a 0-60 Scale (Used to keep a track of time being spent underwater)
- Count-Down Bezel, with a 60-0 Scale (Used as a countdown scale to set the time remaining during the event or before the event)
- Pulsometer (This is a type of tachymeter, specially calibrated, to determine the heart rate.)
- Tachymeter (This bezel is used for measuring units, per time increments.)
- Compass (It can help in identifying the directions, south, north, east and west)
- GMT (It can be used to calculate two different time zones)
- Telemeter (It can be used to calculate the speed of sound in the air)
- Slide Rule (It can be used to calculate the maximum time to cover a certain distance in the air)
If budget is a problem, you can order custom watches that are true copies of the original brand. You can request for the first copy of a branded watch while ensuring the machinery is of the best quality. If you are picking a watch, with a couple of sub dials, ensure they are properly functioning.

Author Bio: Mandy Bular is a watch collector and a mechanical engineer. She is also a frequent columnist for watch magazines and blogs. You can reach him at

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