Cute Mustache Nail Art Tutotial

Cute Mustache Nail Art Tutotial

This tutorial shows you how easily create cute mustaches design on your nails. This design is great to wear every day. It is not so formal or extravagant.

Let's start:

Cute Mustache Nail Art Tutotial1. Start with the base coat - you can paint your nails with soft pink nail polisher. This is a classic colour that make the design softer and the nails more eye catching.

Cute Mustache Nail Art Tutotial2. Then use a dotting tool - to create two small black dots. These are the base of the mustaches.

Cute Mustache Nail Art Tutotial3. Then use a toothpick to create two even smaller dots to the sides to the bigger ones.

Cute Mustache Nail Art Tutotial4. Now connect the bigger dot to the smaller dot with a curved line.

Cute Mustache Nail Art Tutotial5. Then connect the top of the dots with another curved line.

Cute Mustache Nail Art Tutotial6. Fill in inside the mustache with a toothpick. Remember to be patient when working with the toothpick.

Cute Mustache Nail Art Tutotial7. Create the other side of the mustaches using the same technique.

Cute Mustache Nail Art Tutotial8. Add a top coat and your little mustache is complete!

It's really gorgeous:

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