Six secrets of the product photography: How to make your online business really successful!

In the 21st century, in the era of online business, when walking along the traditional stores and shops is equal to the virtual tour of online stores, it gets more and more important to manage to present your business in the best possible way and light - with the mandatory professionalism. What do we need of to achieve this goal?

First thing you need is high quality photographs. Pictures, shot with a mobile phone not only make bad impression, but they literally scream about the lack of quality and serious attitude towards work and can completely head off the customers. In fact, even if you use professional equipment, but you don't know some basic laws of the photography art, the result might still be unsatisfying. That's why the best thing you can do is to hire professionals. Below you will find the experts' answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by clients. The professionals from, in Ruse, Bulgaria, specialized in fashion, portrait, product and advertising photography and images for online stores, catalogs, etc. gave us the following tips:

Six secrets of the product photography: How to make your online business really successful!


Many customers, who haven't found the right professionals or who tried to shoot their products by themselves, complain that the colors do not look as they should. In other words - they are different from the real ones. Experts deal with this problem - which is not small - by using a special system for color management. Even more, the true professional will offer you a consultation or will make a few free shots, so you can see what would be the final result.

Most of us know how important this is - many people retouch their photos even for uploading them in Facebook, so there is no doubt that the process is necessary when we talk about the business success. There is not a perfect photo model or a perfect picture. That's why it is absolutely mandatory to lay some adjustments with the help of special software. They can be on the model (wrinkles, moles, spots) or on the product (garments or other items). One of the most commonly used corrections is intensification of the contrast at some points - something, which could not be achieved with the conventional optics.

The background is another key point. Usually it is white.'s experts explain that its role is to not distract the eye - so the customer can stay focused on the product, offered by the online store. In addition, white fits perfectly to any color scheme of an e-shop and photos on a white background load much faster than the others. But there are many subtleties - for example about the contrast - known only by product photography experts.


So far, search engines are not able to recognize what is on your picture. That's why it is better to title the picture 'ladies-dress' for example, not IMG1009. The file name should be written in Latin letters. Once again, experts can tell you many other tips and hints for SEO, which will make your website search-engines-friendly.

You might be wondering how to send the products and wouldn't it be too expensive? Well, photostudiobstyle professionals work with proven courier companies and if you order more than 50 items to be captured, the company covers the transportation costs. Another advantage of photostudiobstyle is that a photo session in studio, including consultations, guaranteed quality and other extra services, offers a better price that many of the best photo studios in the capital city of the country - that's why the studio is very popular and receives orders from many different places.

But in the end - whomever you choose to trust - do it with optimism,
a feeling of fulfill duty and responsibility: Your business deserves this!
We wish you fair winds and following seas!

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