Happy Birthday Re.Verso

Re.Verso™ is the first and only platform for re-engineering wool and cashmere materials for fashion . It was created and developed in Italy by a group of companies who lead the way in this field, who now, after only one year can boast some great achievements in the short time since its launch, at Première Vision last year where the inaugural Re.Verso™ collection of fashion fabrics was presented by A. Stelloni by Mapel.

Now, one year on, this innovative re-engineered system of wool and cashmere textiles has built new strategic partnerships with some of the most important companies who are at the forefront of innovation in textiles.

Happy Birthday Re.Verso The Re.Verso™ certified revolution for wool and cashmere. What is it?
Open for business in September 2014, Re.Verso™ focused only on innovative, quality assured textile companies whose dedicated research and development program was designed to produce not only high-quality, beautiful fabrics, but also ameliorate and improve their production chain, reducing raw material waste and offering a completely honest and traceable ‘Made in Italy’ range of products. Re.Verso™ is an open platform with a fully integrated productive method based on collecting pre-consumer wool and cashmere textile clippings and left over materials, and through a unique re-engineering process, produce high quality fashion textiles . The pre-consumer textile clippings are collected by Green Line, and are manually selected, thanks to the extraordinary skills of Nuova Fratelli Boretti, where they are then converted, through their proprietary mechanical process into a new quality fiber. This virtuous production chain is completely traceable, transparent, and is naturally ‘Made in Italy’. As well as having SAB 8000 certification, Nuova Fratelli Boretti also has GRS certification for all its Re.Verso™ materials.

Re.Verso™ new partners and brands
These are the market leading partners of excellence who convert this fiber into their own range of unique textiles of the highest quality.
Filatura C4: for the past three generations this Pistoia based company has been producing high-quality textiles for the contract sector, combining tradition and real innovation. The company pays special attention to their products traceability, as well as quality in the making of their own special textile ranges. In May 2015, during Frankfurt's Techtextil, Filatura C4 presented its new Natural Collection, designed with the finest wool fibers, made through the Re.Verso™ system.

Filpucci: this renowned spinning mill is, one of the leading companies in the production of creative, highquality knitwear yarns. Filpucci selected Re.Verso™ to create Ninetyfive, its new line of cashmere knitwear yarns, which was presented in July at Pitti Filati. These innovative cashmere yarns are a part of the Ninetyfive ecofriendly series within its Woollen Selection, using the exclusive Re.Verso™ re-engineered cashmere with its, sophisticated sustainability that sets it apart from virgin textile materials.

Happy Birthday Re.Verso The new Re.Verso collection fall/winter 2016-2017 - A. Stelloni Collection by Mapel
The company will be presenting its latest products at this year's edition of Première Vision , including the new Re.Verso™ created fabrics. These items are in both plain colors and mélanges, printed and structural woven fabrics for coatings and new Meltons, as well as washed finishes and the finest fabrics created with cashmere and baby camel.

Last but not least: we are pleased to announce that some Re.Verso™ cashmere fabrics by A. Stelloni Collection by Mapel for fall/winter 2015/16 were selected as the material of choice for some parts of the mens, womens and childrenswear GUCCI collection which has been, available in stores since May 2015. The yarns and textiles created with the Re.Verso™ system come with a unique technology and innovation, allowing the most creative designers and brands to design their new collections and accessories with these distinctive, unique and SMART textiles.

1 - 2. GUCCI AW 16/17 Man Coat made with Re.Verso(TM)

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