Spring-Summer 2017 fashion trends - Key Themes in Womenswear

The analysts at Trendstop.com - one of the leading fashion forecasting agencies - are now focusing on the women's fashion trends for the 2017 Spring-Summer season. Three classic themes but with contemporary twist will be key in ladies' wardrobe - Cargo, Country and Nautical. To be commercially successful, directions are modernized to give the customers exactly what they'll want to buy tomorrow.

Spring-Summer 2017 fashion trends - Key Themes in Womenswear

Cargo Chic

Leaving behind the harsher military connotations, this chic take on cargo is about femininity imbued into its most recognisable utilitarian elements.
- Oversized pockets add bold volumes to stripped back silhouettes
- Camo prints blown up to exaggeration bring abstract simplicity
- A powdery palette of light blues and neutrals softens the mood

Spring-Summer 2017 fashion trends - Key Themes in Womenswear

Modern Peasant

Evocative of a Provençale day but built on Japanese-inspired silhouettes, this story is about quiet comfort, natural materials and ultimate wearability
- Marled fabrics speak of willingly unrefined, soft textures
- Cropped cuts and wide shapes add Asian elements
- Straw and natural fibres accessories for a light-hearted summer feel

Spring-Summer 2017 fashion trends - Key Themes in Womenswear

New Nautical

There's no compromising on the primary tones of maritime inspiration - the beauty is that the navy, red and white blocks lend themselves to ultra contemporary graphic reinterpretations.
- Stripes, knots and rubber translate basic boating elements into edgy detailing
- Colour blocking and bold juxtapositions
- Rubber coatings and rope details translate maritime into contemporary.

Spring-Summer 2017 fashion trends - Key Themes in Womenswear

Photos and Information: Trendstop.com

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