Top 8 Innovative and Fun Ideas to Help Your Children Learn Math

Many children have often found math to be a difficult subject to learn and they try to avoid it at all cost. However, the main reason why they find it challenging is because they don’t understand the concepts. It is a popular phenomenon among children. However, the reason why some for these children do not understand mathematics is because it has abstract concepts which they cannot comprehend. In fact, some schools now teach math by using images and pictograms to illustrate the concepts.  If your child is finding mathematics challenging, you should get him a math tutor. Nowadays you can find a math tutor online no matter where you live. When your child has a tutor, who will teach him maths in an innovative and fun way, he would love the subject.

Being a tutor, it is the responsibility of the tutor to see that your children are able to solve mathematical equations without any difficulty. Here are some innovative and fun ways to implement to help your children learn math;

Introduce Dice
Let them practice division, addition, subtraction and multiplication by rolling the dice.


Flashlight Math
You can consider using flashcards. In that case, flip two cards at the same time and let your student shine a light on the answer they know.

Children have adapted themselves to using electronics. Therefore, you can let them enjoy math in an android phone. Download ‘Math Practice Flash cards’ and get them going.

Concrete Samples
Begin with concrete examples first and leave abstract concept for last or may be to later. If the children do not know how to solve original practical problem, how can they understand abstractions? You should give them concrete examples that they will follow to solve any practical assignment you give them.

Creative minds are everywhere! You just need to inspire and motivate them. It is sad that there are some institutions that discourage creativity. There are different ways in which creativity in math can be encouraged. To define a mathematical concept to a student you can use creative means or make them participate in the same. It could be explaining things through diagram, a concept map or an animation.

Involvement is extremely crucial. When you talk to them without encouraging involvement from them, it is quite likely that they will switch off. Let the students do some meaningful activities. Allow them to role play, do a bit of revision activity, especially the ones that will help them to keep the vocabulary and icons in mind and get their ideas about the topic too.

Ask Questions
For most math students, the questions come out of a book or maybe a worksheet. It would be great if you can motivate the students into asking their own questions. Appreciate if the questions are more conceptual and interesting.

Giving projects could be a good way of involving the students to design something that involves math. Besides, you can divide your students into groups. This idea can be both creative and practical. You can ask them to create Lego robots or maybe something that demonstrates concepts. Well, these are a few basic ideas.

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