What to Wear to a College Graduation

No matter what our fashion sense may be, a college graduation ceremony can seem like an event with no specific guidance on what to wear. It can feel like a toss-up between dressing for work or wearing your Sunday’s best. Then there’s the desire to be comfortable without compromising a sense of fashion. It can even come down to deciding between something out of your own closet or getting some new threads. We’ve created a few pointers that may help you next time you’re faced with the question of what to wear to a college graduation.

What to Wear to a College Graduation

Dress for the Weather
Since most graduations occur in the Spring, our suggestion is to wear something that is light and comfortable. For ladies, a nice dress tends to be a great start, because they’re perfect for indoor or outdoor graduations. When it comes to choosing the right dress, online shopping can be a good place to start your search. For instance, if you’re looking for a variety of boutique dresses, short dresses, or maxi dresses, online shops like Saved by the Dress will usually categorize these items accordingly and have straightforward buying options that make shopping a breeze. Some shops even offer great pairing suggestions and fashion tips. Skirts and blouses are also solid options for warm or cool weather and can offer an alternative if a dress isn’t what you’re looking for.
For gentlemen, good spring fashion includes choosing pieces that are comfortable but also creative. Nice slacks or chinos paired with a light button down or polo shirt makes for a great graduation outfit.

Don’t Forget Your Shoes
Once you’ve found the perfect outfit, it’s time to consider which shoes will be right for the occasion. There’s a chance that you will be wearing the shoes for more than a few hours, between the graduation ceremony and festivities afterward, so you want them to be comfortable as well as trendy.
Try choosing shoes that are more on the formal side and less athletic or too casual looking. There are a variety of formal sneakers that are a great option and look amazing with most slacks. Heels always make a fashion statement, so don’t be afraid to pair them with that dress or skirt. Your best best would be to go with a heel that isn’t too high, but rather comfortable to walk or stand in for long periods of time. And if you must change shoes at any point, having flat bottom shoes or sandals are a great backup option. The shoes you choose should compliment your outfit and be agreeable to your feet so as long as you have those bases covered, your shoe choice will be perfect.

A Little Goes a Ways
Small accessories can make a statement and feel like the finishing touches to your graduation attire. It can be as simple as a scarf or a choker. Costume jewelry or a few pieces of fine jewelry usually pair well with dresses and blouses. Fun dress socks are popular among all age groups and can be a nice way to add a little something amusing to your outfit. If the graduation is outside, don’t forget to grab some sunglasses or even a brimmed hat. As far as handbags go, smaller is better. College graduations can sometimes be held in cramped spaces, so the less you have with you, the more comfortable you’ll probably be.

Dressing for a college graduation doesn’t have to be confusing and it can actually be an opportunity to flex your creative side. Whether you decide to shop for a new outfit in a store, online, or even in your closet, keep in mind that comfort is key, and a great accessory can make any outfit pop! Hopefully, these tips come in handy the next time you’re picking something to wear to that special occasion.

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