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Choosing hair color that suits you can be such a hard task. First, you need to know the tone of your skin well. Only then will pick the right hair color for you. The color of your hair should complement your skin perfectly.There are different color shades that could blend well with your skin color. If you are unsure of what could suit you, there are many hair specialist that could help you pick an ideal hair color in Brisbane.This article has highlighted different color shades for different skin tones. It will help you understand your skin color tone and the hair color that compliments it.

Dark Skin Tones
For those with darker skin tones, the ideal color for their hair should be darker too. You can use golden or caramel shades to compliment your skin tone. Avoid colors that will create unnatural effects such as orange, too much white or platinum hues. You can also highlight deep brown color tones with deep red hues.

Medium Skin Tones
Golden hues will be ideal for you if you have this kind of skin tone. Colors such as light or dark caramel will compliment your skin well. Avoid blackish or blondish colors as they do not blend well with your skin. Putting ashy or orange based colors will make you seem exhausted.

Lighter Skin Tones
People with lighter skin tone should avoid bigger amount of contrasts. You can complement the shade of your hair with simple hair shades. You can have a darker shade at the hair roots and lighter shade at the hair tips. This give you a sun-kissed and natural effect. Avoid wearing white, ashy or reddish color hair. Additionally, avoid too dark hair colors. Those with lighter skin tone should avoid red colored hair such as wine red and burgundy. It makes you look pale.

Other Factors To Consider When Picking The Ideal Hair Color

1. The Hair Color and The Eyes
You need to consider the color of your eyes when looking for the ideal hair color. People with brown, chocolate, hazel colored eyes, should consider chestnut and honey hair shades. Those with black eyes, they should experiment with jet black or dark brown shades. Green eyed people can wear light brown shades or ash blonde hair. For those people who have blue eyes, they should wear cooler hair colors.

2. Age
This is another important factor you need to consider when looking for hair color that is suitable for you. As you grow older, you need to stop experimenting with some colors. This is because your skin tone changes as you grow older. You need to select warm and cool colors that compliment your skin well.

With these tips, I hope you can easily pick the right hair color that compliments your skin tone. You can creatively and confidently wear a hair color that suits you. However, if you not confident about it, you can visit a specialist in hair color in Brisbane for help.

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