Latest Fashion Trends In Engagement Rings For 2019

Not only is the summer season closing in, but it’s also the time of year where couples are tying the knot. In other words, this is the most wonderful time of the year to be a part of. Engagement season is closing in, and it’s a season where brides are the of the show. Once the proposal is made, you’ll more than likely see engagement ring posts all over social media. Plus, every proposal comes with a story that has to be shared with friends and family. Now, before all of this can happen you are going to need the right ring selection.


Finding the right ring isn’t difficult, but it’s a choice that comes with many options. In fact, some of the latest trends could lead you in the right direction.

Beautiful Solitaire Setting

It’s pretty hard to go wrong with a solitaire ring setting; after all, it is a huge trend. One of the most popular trends in solitaire settings are Vrai & Oro! In any case, most of these ring selections will essentially include one stone, the focal stone. You could say that they have that timeless look to them. Ideally, solitaire rings are the perfect piece for classic bribes which can even have that chic feel behind them too. With the help of a trustworthy designer, a classical piece can be turned into something truly spectacular. Solitaire setting engagement rings are ideally a combination of classical beauty with a modern touch.

Color Stone Selections

Over the last couple of years, colored stones have climbed the ranks of trending engagement ring styles. With this style, you can express your love for color with a beautiful stone that’s as vibrant as it is clear. Picking the shade that’s best for you is the optimal choice to make, and there are many that you could go with. Peach and red are the most popular sapphire shades, but then you have bright shades of green (emerald) too. You don’t want to forget black diamonds too, which are shades that are branched off of creative blue hues. Colored stones are eye-popping and different one of kind pieces can be created.

Designs Inspired By Vintage Settings

As much as modern selections are great, there will always be for something a little more vintage too. There are a lot of jewelry designers that can bring your engagement ring style to vintage heights. It’s hard not to say that vintage settings are climbing the trending charts. With the right design, old looks can become a modern vintage-inspired piece. Honestly, you can’t go wrong implementing the old into the new.

Mixture Of Metals

One trend that a lot of brides find interesting is a metal mixture, and the right mix of metals can create the perfect engagement ring. It’s a subtle selection to go with, and there are a number of mixers you could go with. There are platinum metals, gold metals, and more, but each of them can be combined with the perfect stone to top it off. Pretty soon engagement rings that feature mixed metals are going to be a permanent trend.

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