Viking fire the slot game

Since ancient time, the most dangerous and fierce people, the Vikings. Well known for their hammers and horned helmets, this fierce people used to conquer the lands to get hold of the gold. Do not be fooled by the cartoonish graphic, Viking Fire Slot is pure brute force. With the 40 paylines and its 5 wheels, this game can make you a real gold conqueror.

This online slot gives you the possibility to win thanks to its variety of winning symbols, the Wild, the Scatter, and the really appreciated Gamble Feature. Become part of the assault squad and win the 2000 coins activating the Scatter Fireball.

Viking fire

How to lead the Viking invasion

The Characters of this fascinating and exciting game come directly from the past, when the Scandinavian warriors sow terror all over the countries. There is the man with the axe, the red-barbed man with his helmet and the two horns, the ginger-haired woman with the sword, the turban wearing man with the crystal ball, and the incredibly cute dog. The atmosphere leaves no room for doubt, this is the Viking Kingdom, wood and metal, hammers and axes, helmets and fire.

The paylines, 40 in total can be set as you wish, you can bet a minimum of one penny to a maximum of £25 per line. Then you can vary from 50 pence to a maximum bet of £1250 in a single spin. Whether you are a veteran or a newbie, this game can always offer you the right combination and immerse yourself in the flute music. The animations and the music add the extra fun to this electrifying atmosphere.

The Symbols and the Victory

The Scatter, represented by the fireballs pays you 2000 coins when you match 5 symbols. Getting the scatter winning triggers also the bonus. Sinking the ships, you can reveal extra wilds and free games.

The Wild symbol is the Golden Hammer, by getting 5 of it on a payline you immediately win 1500 coins. The wild symbol can substitute all other symbols apart from the Scatter.

The Vikings are your brothers in this war, all the allies help you to win tons of gold, in fact, the helmet-wearing warrior, makes you winning 750 coins if you land 5 of it.

The woman with ginger hair, the turban-wearing man and the spotty dog can make you win respectively, 250, 250 and 150 coins by getting 5 of these characters.

This slot offers you a wide variety of winning symbols: apart from the above-mentioned ones there is also the King, which pays you up to 125 coins when you get 5 of it. If you get on the same payline the Queen, the Jack, the 10 and the 9, you will earn 100 coins.

The Extra fun: Sink the Ships with Scatter and Free Spins

Three Scatters trigger the Bonus Game. Hit the White and Red ships and find out your rewards. The Bonus can give you free spins and more Wild symbols. By hitting 2 “X” symbols the screen changes again and the Free Spins get started. The atmosphere change and the Wild Symbols is represented by the Golden Version of the Viking Characters.

Final Thoughts

Adventure and battle. You will enjoy this entertaining slot. If you want to play another game like this, try Starburst.

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