Lab Grown Diamonds - Best Tips to Check the Quality

Everyone knows that diamonds are made from heat and pressure. Like all superior technology, lab-grown diamonds are now able to display the same chemical make-up of Earth-mined diamonds. Science has successfully taken a process that would normally span a billion years beneath the crust of our planet, and can now manufacture real diamonds in just months! If ethically produced diamonds are something near to your heart, here are the best tips for checking the quality and getting the most dazzle for your dollar throughout the selection process.

Lab Grown Diamonds - Best Tips to Check the Quality

Yes! Lab Diamonds are Real Diamonds
So, what is a real diamond? A real diamond is defined as either naturally mined or lab-grown, comprised of carbon, and that develops the same crystal structure. Gemologists point out that real stones are both made and mined. High heat and pressure that makes each diamond allow carbon atoms to bond in the same way, regardless of which process is used. Both qualify as real diamonds.

Checking Diamond Quality
There are a few simple tricks for checking the quality of a diamond. A jewelers loupe tool will magnify the gem allowing you to see small inclusions typically found within a real stone. Flawless diamonds only exist in .001% of the market, so it's not likely to come across one unless you're spending into the millions. Always look at the diamond's edge. There should never be any nicks or scratches since a diamond is one of the hardest substances around. A magnifying glass will also do the trick. Be sure to hold the diamond up to your lips and do a quick "fog" test. Blow breath onto the stone like you would an ordinary mirror, if the diamond holds fog, it's not real.

Diamond Weights
To find the best lab grown diamonds start with carat. Carat is just the unit of weight that jewelers use to distinguish precious stones like diamonds. When comparing diamonds of the same visual size, a fake stone will weigh at least twice what the real diamond does. A 1-carat rock is a popular size, but remembers, you can purchase just under the carat mark and save thousands of dollars while still enjoying the overall look of a full carat.

Clarity and Diamond Color
Diamonds range in color from more clear to deep yellow tones. While the naked eye can't really see inclusions in a stone, these marks within a diamond are other material, for instance, a ruby that began to grow before the conditions stabilized. Clarity is for inclusions, but it isn't something that often affects value unless it hinders the surface of the diamond. Color is a simple matter of preference, don't be afraid to go bold and shop fancy stones. Colored diamonds are available in pink, blue and even brown.

Diamond Shape, Choosing the Perfect Stone
Settling on the shape of a diamond comes down to sparkle and how a diamond feels when it's on. Traditional diamond shapes that appear quite large include the round, asher-cut, marquise, and emerald shapes. Maximum sparkle is usually found in oval, rounds, and pear-shaped diamond cuts. Choosing the perfect diamond is a step-by-step process. Additional considerations for setting, metal choice, and ring-guards should also be discussed.

Bragging Rights
Jewelers will have a vast selection of lab-grown, real diamonds to try, and it's common practice for sales professionals to bring in a few for you to make a final decision among once you've settled on a particular diamond. Some diamonds may have a bit more sparkle, a higher profile, or have less noticeable inclusions when you study alike stones further. Jeweler guarantees and their diamond upgrade policies are a substantial reason to ensure your maximum satisfaction with their product.

There are many great reasons to opt for a lab-grown diamond when it comes to this kind of investment. Remember that only around 4% of diamonds ever appreciate. Purchasing a diamond that's designed by a gemologist with the latest technology gives you extraordinary buying power and the highest value diamonds. Lab-created masterpiece diamonds are more than ethical, they've been authentically engineered to shine, represent love most traditionally, and combine equivocal quality and appraisal.

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