How to Be a Fashion Copywriter and Succeed in It

Being an online fashion retailer isn’t easy: you have to establish reliable logistics of stock replenishment, spend quite a lot on the website creation, think up and implement marketing initiatives actually to get people on your site. Adding insult to injury, the people nowadays won’t buy from a website because it’s the only platform they know and trust. The reality has changed! Currently, there is a huge number of online fashion retailers, and the number keeps growing every day by hundreds (if not thousands).
Exciting marketing initiatives and neat website design and UI aside, the third way you can stand out from this endless flock of fashion retailers is descriptions of products. These short little summaries can make the site visitor utterly sure that they need some specific product or they can make the visitor completely bored and skip over the description altogether.
The uninteresting product summaries are a result of:

- forgoing creating a description and using the one provided by the manufacturer;
- not having sufficient funds to hire a good copywriter;
- hiring a copywriter that has no experience in writing for the fashion sector;
- focusing on making summaries optimized for various search engines (SEO).

The internet is evolving, growing up, you could say. Now, the average internet user is much more mature, well-experienced with all kinds of websites (especially eCommerce), knows what they want and usually where to look for. One of the most significant aspects of the internet evolving and users maturing is reducing the importance of SEO. Due to the increase of significance of such social media platforms as Instagram and Facebook where SEO doesn’t matter as much, online retailers can and should focus on communicating the value of the products to potential customers.

Fashion Copywriter

Ideas to Improve Your Fashion Copywriting

Now, let’s review how to do that communication properly. Whether you’ll decide to create descriptions yourself or you’ll want a copywriter to do it for you, the ideas below will help you analyze the copy in the future.

Emphasize Emotion
Most commonly, product summaries are disregarded by visitors is because the retailers do not give the summaries proper attention (or any for that matter). This results in a robot-like description that does not connect with anyone on a human level. You always have to remember that a visitor on your website is a potential customer, but they are more important a real human being. They have real needs, they have real issues, and they have genuine fears. A bot-like summary will only prompt a cold response. Do you remember all of the times you have read a description of some product and felt absolutely nothing? Don’t continue this horrible tradition of boring but instead keep all of these points in your head when coming up with a description. You shouldn’t be thinking: “How can I write my essay on fashion for this product summary section?” when creating descriptions. You should only be concerned with talking directly to your customer.

Create an Image of an Ideal Visitor
This point is tightly connected to the previous one. Figure out the perfect customer for each of the products you are describing. If you have an image of your customer in your head, it’ll be easier to come up with a relevant, appropriate, and enticing summary of the product, as well as. This will keep you from writing up copies that are too general and won’t connect with anybody.

Make the Titles Simple
It refers to the time it takes a customer to process a title of any product. If the title encompasses a big professional vocabulary and it has a convoluted naming scheme (for example, the ones that are used for product differentiation), it’ll take the website visitor 5-10 additional seconds or even a further page visit to comprehend what the product is. You would think that visitors going onto product pages is a good thing. However, if the visitor is met with a whole table of similarly titled products, your potential client will leave your website in a matter of a few products.

Focus on What the Product Can Bring, Not What the Product Is
Product specifications have a place in the description. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t start with specifications, nor should the specifications take up the whole of the description. Mostly, customers aren’t interested in the banal specs of products. They are more intrigued by the features of said products. Hit your customers up with what the product will be able to do for them.
Nowadays, the market is more competitive than ever. So, it’s vital for the success of your fashion retailing business to stand out from the crowd and make a memorable impression on the public. Product descriptions are a great way to address both of your existing and potential customers.

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