7 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Kurti


Kurtis or kurtas are versatile pieces that every Indian should own. This attire can be found in online and physical stores. However, selecting the perfect Kurti from a large collection in these stores is not an easy task. This is because you are selecting a specific design, fabric, and pattern. This among other factors are some that you should consider and not forgetting the price of the Kurti. Also, as you plan to purchase this Kurti consider the sleeve and neck design that you love. The color and threading work of the Kurti is also an important element depending on the event that you plan to wear your Kurti to. Below are factors to consider before buying a Kurti.

Have a budget 

It is important to set a budget for the Kurti that you are planning to buy. This will help you resist the temptation to buy another one from the other awesome pieces. Therefore, have a budget and keep it in mind to avoid crossing the limit. Especially for online stores where you can easily click on different pieces to purchase them. For instance, you can buy short Kurtis online that has minimal embellishments and a jacket style Kurti that has expensive and heavy embroidery requires different set budgets. Nonetheless, you can get the two of them for the same prices depending on the fabric, color, and embellishments they have.

The fabric of the Kurti


Another way to identify a beautiful Kurti is by checking the fabric. Considering the type of fabric will help you know the quality, level of comfort among other things. No matter the store that you are buying the Kurti. Check the fabric to get the exact one than a resemblance of the same. Also for online stores make sure that you contact the online salesperson to inquire about the fabric. The quality of the fabric is not a big deal if you are familiar with how it looks or feels as you select through the huge collections. The specifications will also help you know how to wash the Kurti. Therefore, especially while buying online, avoid getting distracted by the image and price that it leads you to order it.

The measurements 


Body measurements are important to avoid buying a size too small or too big. Whether it is in a physical store where you can use the trial room to see if it fits you right. The online stores also provide the measurements on every Kurti that is displayed and you can compare with your measurements to see if it is the right size. Check the prices for all the brands on the various stores to ensure it fits the body well or is approximate that you can adjust slightly.

Check the detailing 

Either you are buying a ready-made Kurti or one that you want to be made by your designer. It is important to check the detailing of the Kurti. This includes many things but most importantly the stitching, patchwork, dyeing, and printing. The details of your Kurti will ensure that you make your style statement. Adorn to a long length Kurti that has highlights that you prefer in the many colors, patterns, and designs. The sleeve designs and neck patterns and embroidery plus the length of your Kurti. These are other details of the Kurti that you need to consider.

Type of brands


Depending on how you love to purchase your Kurtis. You can choose to buy branded Kurtis or those that are not. If you prefer branded Kurtis, then it is best to consider the different brands available and buy the Kurti that has your favorite brand. Some of the brands that have attractive Kurtis that you can purchase them online or their specific boutiques. Have increased with the continuous growth of Indian fashion. The rates of this branded Kurtis are competitive hence you can invest in their Kurti collection for they are not only fancy but quality Kurti pieces. This gives you an advantage to the Kurtis that have unknown brands. Since in most cases they are not quality but not all are a disappointment and the rates are quite affordable.

Know the difference between Kurtis


This tip applies especially for casual and party wears Kurtis that many people are not able to tell the difference. The many characteristics that they have in most instances are confusing. However, the cuts, embroidery work, uncommon print designs, and western styles are some of the things that differentiate them and you can tell which is which. Therefore, if you still cannot tell the difference or categorize them into different Kurti designs. You can check the prices for the rate of the party wear Kurtis in most cases is higher than that of casual Kurtis. Since Kurtis are pieces you can wear to different events. You can choose different Kurti wears other than these two and different bottoms for a beautiful ensemble every time you step out.

Regard threading work of Kurti


The Kurti unlike other Indian outfits like the saree, Lehenga and salwar kameez pieces does not look good on heavy embroidery. Although it lacks all this it remains comfortable and stylish and affordable. The Kurti is based more on the threading work that makes it look superb. Plus, different thread works are used in various Kurtis. Therefore, check the type of thread work if it is the one you prefer. Plus, if it has good finishing to match your fashion tastes. However, it still looks good with minimal embroidery and it also revamps the overall look of the Kurti. 

To sum up, there are other things as well to consider that may not concern any elements of the Kurti. For instance, the bottoms you choose to pair with the Kurti. So that to know how best to match the type of Kurti that you have bought. Also consider the sleeve designs, neck patterns, hemline, and slits. This among the others listed above are some of the challenges that you can face. Hence remember the above considerations as you shop for your Kurtis in both online and offline stores.

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