How Floristry Became a Fashion Business

Clichéd as it may sound, but flowers never go out of fashion. As history stands witness to the use of flowers in fashion designing through the ages, it is remarkable that something could stand the test of time, transcend so many thousands of years, and still be fashionable today! Indeed, an undeclared, silent bond lies between the two entwined worlds of floristry and fashion.


The defining moment when floristry turned hi-end and trendy

The affinity had started long back, but one of the most defining moments came by when the “The Flower Wall” made an indelible impact in the 2012 Christian Dior collection created by the Belgian designer, Raf Simons. The spotlight shone, perhaps, for the first time, on the floral designs instead of focusing on only fashion, even as the show literally “said it with flowers!”

This extravagant use of flowers in a fashion show (repeated once more in 2014) influenced many shows and events. Perhaps, since then, as the business of flowers become trend-driven and social media savvy, we are witnessing a change in the hi-end floristry that is fast becoming a fashion-like business today. Nothing can be happier news for a florist running a successful enterprise in today’s charged environment.

Going beyond the world of fashion

However, the trend of using flowers arrangements has not been limited to big fashion shows and wedding events. With social media platforms taking front seat in creating popular trends, brands are focusing more and more on creating live experiences with the help of the elegance and finesse that floristry brings. Top businesses are placing their brands alongside competent flower arrangements and creating innumerable “wow!” and Instagram-able moments, helping their brands to get noticed and lauded.

Taking centre stage: Flowers as fashion

Moving away from the side-lines of the décor sections in the fashion world, floristry has taken up centre stage. It is dictating floral couture and creating beautiful fashion on its own creative steam. Floral artistes are crafting exquisite wearable pieces of art using only flowers and accessories. Runway models are being adorned with fresh, dried or pressed flowers to add that extra element of interest to the couture on display.

Floral crowns are a big hit and not exiting from the fashion scene anytime soon. Corsages are another off beat way of wearing flowers on self. Floral coiffure and floral jewellery are exciting ways of wearing flowers on the runway and even in day to day fashion. An inspiration from traditional Indian brides, flower jewellery is fast moving into western culture.

This is a striking and unusual way of adorning yourself with flowers. Some of these floral fashions have become huge trends that floristry have successfully introduced in the fashion industry today. These floral-fashions can also be seen in fashion shows, movies and more.

Floristry and fashion, and their impact on each other have been mutually complementing. Drawing inspiration from the same source – Nature – these two industries share a common ground. This commonality has opened doors for a more fruitful relationship to bloom and for more successful businesses to flourish in future.

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