Top 3 Tips to Choosing the Best Balloons

Some of our favourite memories involve balloons. They can fill a child with joy and wonder, a couple with romance and whimsy and mark special occasions that come only once in a while. No matter what you are celebrating balloons are most likely to be a part of the decor checklist.

Unfortunately, low-quality balloons and transporting them can be a fiasco and ruin a party before it even gets started. That’s why I have put together a list of which balloons to get, which ones to avoid, and how to take care of the ones you have so they last longer.


Let’s jump in.

Tip #1: Quality

Like flowers, balloons have their own “life-span” dependent upon the quality of material, how they are inflated, and transported. There is nothing worse than spending loads of money for balloons only to have them flop halfway through your special event.

Qualatex balloons are hands-down some of the best balloons you can buy. When you buy qualatex balloon you can look forward to beautiful full balloons that will last your whole event. There are many different places you can these balloons up. Qualatex balloons for sale can be found in stores but it is much easier to either get Qualatex balloons wholesale online or in stores. To know where to buy Qualatex balloons you can simply look up “qualatex balloons uk” or “qualatex wholesale”. Your results should list some different options.

For the most convenient option, choosing a recommended qualatex balloon suppliers will help you narrow down all the different Qualatex balloons wholesale uk that are out there. Online stores such as GoInternational offer it all. You can mix and match types of balloons or choose wholesale qualatex balloons so you can provide your customers with the highest quality balloons. Many wholesale qualatex balloons uk stores offer these balloons but often at a significant margin. Look for ones in the £1 range for the best deal.

Tip #2: How to Make Them Last

If you have ever spent time around balloons, you know they can be sensitive. Be sure to follow all of these rules so your balloons and guests stay safe:

1. Avoid balloons made of plastic when possible - Qualatex balloons are made from 100% latex

2. Latex balloons will stay filled for 8-12 hours specifically when filled with helium

3. When writing on your balloons only use Qualatex balloon markers so your balloons don’t pop!

4. Keep away from heat and flames at all times

Tip #3: Keep Them Longer

To increase the lifespan of your balloons only choose quality balloons like qualatex made of latex or mylar balloons. Most balloons break because they sat in a store for a long time and were affected by elements and transport. Choosing to get balloons online on sites like Go International is easy and will keep balloons “alive” for a longer period of time as they are packaged and kept in a balloon specific environment. Convenient delivery also avoids that terrible “balloons in the backseat” phenomenon that drives us crazy!

Get your beautiful bunch of balloons today and enjoy!

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