Accessories 101: Different Stones That Can Affect Your Everyday Mood

One minute you're feeling happy, and the next moment you're bawling your eyes out. Mood swings can severely affect people, and it can be challenging to revert it to normal without help. You can seek assistance from people you trust, but sometimes these individuals aren't in your immediate vicinity. Fortunately, you can carry crystals and stones with you to help boost your everyday mood.

Here are six gemstones you should consider bringing with you as part of your everyday carry.



Agate is part of the microcrystalline family with a translucent glow. This gemstone emanates different colors, including red, pink, yellow, and black. People over the centuries use this stone to fashion into pieces of jewelry and other items because of its emotional and spiritual healing properties.

Use this stone to rebalance and harmonize the body, mind, and spirit. This, in turn, achieves balance and inner peace and creates harmony to elevate and stabilize moods.

Bring an agate with you to help transform negative feelings into positive mindsets. As a bonus, this stone can even help enhance mental function and improve concentration. Therefore, agates are ideal in places of work.

But, take note that different agates can offer various unique benefits:

  • Botswana Agate

The Botswana Agate is ideal for people who find it challenging to see the bigger picture in various aspects of life. It helps release repression to clear your mind of negativity. Consider holding a piece of Agate with you when you feel depressed as the stone can help discharge negative auras.

  • Brazilian Agate

The Brazilian Agate is excellent for individuals who wish to achieve emotional, intellectual, and physical balance. This gem accomplishes this by harmonizing the body's "Yin and Yang" and soothing the mental, psychological, and physiological attributes.

  • Bulls-Eye Agate

Also known as the Orbicular Agate, the Bulls-Eye Agate can help protect the user from negative auras from the outside. It also assists in eliminating fear to control emotions and survive challenging situations.

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian – the stone born from lava. It interacts with many raw elements, such as earth, fire, and water. Don't assume that this piece of volcanic glass is fragile. Touch black obsidian, and you'll notice its durable yet smooth construction. Still, be wary as this gemstone contains sharp edges that can hurt if you're not careful. But, black obsidian stones aren’t about giving its users harm. Instead, its emotional and spiritual characteristics can help you stabilize moods.

This stone expresses clear energies of truth. Bear in mind that many people find it challenging to maintain mental clarity when emotions are rife with negativity. Anger, hate, and depression can lead to your brain to overthink.

Hold a piece of black obsidian or wear jewelry with this stone from to give balance to your emotions and thoughts. This stone can help anchor erratic energies to stabilize your mental and emotional fortitude.

Black obsidian also delivers other benefits to its users, including:

  • Reveals the Truth

Some communities call black obsidian as the “Stone of Truth,” and with good reason.

This gemstone may reveal the mysteries hidden deep within a person’s inner workings by tapping into the cosmos. Black obsidian’s sharp appearance isn’t only for visual appeal as its edges can also cut through deceit, illusions, and lies.

  • Absorb Negative Energies

The dark tone emanating from black obsidian can draw in negative energy to protect the user from psychological, physiological, mental, and emotional imbalance. Thus, many users wear pieces of jewelry with this stone to protect themselves from surrounding negativities.

  • Clears Mental Obstacles

Stressful scenarios make it challenging for people to think clearly. Thankfully, black obsidian provides energies to clear and prevent mental challenges to bring you in a state focus when needed.

Since black obsidian may help absorb negative energy, you should cleanse it regularly. Maintain cleanliness on its physical surroundings to keep its efficacy.

Black Tourmaline

Despite its name, you can find black tourmaline promoting different hues, including red, green, and “watermelon.” The black tourmaline with the “watermelon” color has both green and pink colors to resemble the fruit.

Aside from its physical attributes, black tourmaline can also help ward off negative thoughts and emotions from the bearer. You can use it to point out the source of trouble to help you evade the unfortunate event. You can also use this stone to help you move in the right direction in life.

Black tourmaline is also an excellent grounding gemstone for both healing and meditation by enhancing the body’s linear flow of energies and help soothe panic attacks. Consider carrying a piece of everyday jewelry with this gem if you're not keen on traveling to crowded locations. The stone's energies can help protect you from negative auras created by dark, confined, or frightening spaces that can arise from such places.

Moreover, black tourmaline can help protect your emotional and mental states from negative energies radiated by other people in the immediate vicinity. Bring this crystal with you to safeguard yourself from complainers, moaners, whiners, and emotional vampires.

Other benefits of using black tourmaline include:

  • Deepens Connections

Black tourmaline can help deepen your connection to the physical and natural realms. This stone emanates positive energies that bring power and strength to relieve fears and provide protection from hidden threats.

  • Locates New Opportunities

Black tourmaline is a pointer, which means its aura offers you direction to give you new opportunities in life. Use this gemstone to help you find new capabilities and horizons. Also, use this stone if you feel like you hit a wall so you can wander and explore new activities to make your life more meaningful than before.

  • Embodies Quiet Strength

Let your actions speak louder than words, and let black tourmaline help announce this personality to the world silently. This gemstone uses water energy to embody purification, stillness, and quiet strength to its user.

Black tourmaline can help protect users from different dangers in the emotional, physical, and spiritual planes. Bring this gemstone with you in work, school, or at home to help give your life direction while avoiding potential pitfalls.



The bloodstone or heliotrope is one of the beautiful Jaspers given to humankind from the earth. This gemstone emanates a deep, earthy green tone with spots of bright red. Also called the “Sun Stone,” some cultures treasure this gem because of its healing traits to enhance elements like:

  • Abundance

  • Generosity

  • Idealism

  • Good fortune

  • Purification

This stone is an excellent cleanser when used for balancing emotions and moods. It repels negative environmental energy to help alleviate various forms of stress. This gem also aids in calming and revitalizing the mind, bringing you to a state of focus while dispelling confusion.

Thus, students, researchers, and other people yearning for higher learning should consider having a bloodstone in their immediate vicinities. This gemstone assists in letting users adjust to unusual circumstances. It also blocks emotional interruptions, such as aggressiveness and irritability, to help you find solutions to complicated problems. 

Clear Quartz

Several communities hail clear quartz as the most powerful and most versatile healing stone among all the crystals. Many people deem it as the “Stone of Power” because of its ability to channel and retain positive energies. It also protects users against negativity while bringing relief to emotional, physical, and spiritual pain.

Touted as a common mineral from the Earth, clear quartz can do more than beautify homes, offices, and pieces of jewelry. This stone radiates negative energies outward when in its natural form.

Its properties can aid and connect all chakras, thereby creating a reputation for itself in different communities as the "Master Healer." Let the crystal absorb positive auras from the surroundings and control the acquired energies to open the mind and repel negativity.

Use clear quartz to eliminate emotional blockages, which may restrict you from thinking clearly. Allow the gem to create a smooth energy flow from within to help expand your consciousness and avoid potential emotional pitfalls.

Users may also use clear quartz with their meditation practices. Meditating with this stone can solidify the activity you transfer your intentions and goals to the crystal. Find a mantra that connects your inner being with the quartz. Repeat your chosen mantra as you visualize and strengthen your objectives.

This practice allows you to gain balance and control over your emotions when needed. For example, colleagues in your workplace may send you jeers after you made an error from a report. Isolate yourself for a few minutes with clear quartz in hand. Then, close your eyes and meditate as you find your center to avoid the negativity from flowing through every fiber of your being.

With the crystal in hand, let the clear quartz be the path of those negative energies. Feel the energies around you, and send the negativity out of your system. You should have a clear mind with balanced emotions once you return to your working station.


The sunstone has a translucent to transparent construction that flashes beams of bright metallic flashes when struck with light. Perhaps you might even assume that the name of the gem came from its property to bounce light in different directions.

Also known as the “heliolite” and “aventurescent feldspar,” the sunstone can contain flat, highly reflective particles that produce flashes when moving the stone under bright light. These flashes of light tend to be the highlight of the stone when talking about its physical appearance.

But, the sunstone also works with the Solar Plexus Chakra to bring down overwhelming negative emotions. Hold a sunstone in your hand or attach this mineral to a piece of jewelry when you find everyday life to be challenging for your mood. Wear this stone to help you transcend hurdles while filling your mind with self-esteem and respect.

This mineral can also help cleanse the inner aura and chakras. Keep a sunstone within a short distance to release yourself from emotional vampires, such as possessive loved ones and jealous office workers. The stone absorbs the positive energies from the environment and offers them to you. It's also beneficial for individuals who have difficulty in letting go or saying, "No."

Aside from cutting ties with envious and controlling individuals, the sunstone can also help you push forward in life. The mineral releases feelings of discrimination, abandonment, and unworthiness for you to release all manner of fear and self-doubt.

The rays emanating from the stone symbolize the rich spectrum of positive energies to help rebalance emotional patterns. Watch the flashes of light coming from a sunstone to encourage enthusiasm and optimism and transform negative emotions into feelings of joy and content.

Sunstones promote several benefits for emotional health. But, you can also use this stone’s properties for other advantages, such as:

  • Increased digestion, metabolism, and vitality

  • Reduce stomach tension and ulcers

  • Nurture the spirit

  • Stimulate leadership and creativity

  • Enhance will and sexuality

The sunstone can also become a powerful barrier to protect you from negative energies. Keep at least one sunstone in your place of work to benefit from its characteristics to help you concentrate on current tasks. Moreover, this stone helps keep undesirable elements at bay, so you can focus on crucial matters instead of feeling attacked by negativity.

As a word of caution, don’t solely rely on the sunstone’s ability to heal physical damages. It should still be in your best interest to consult a doctor to gain better knowledge about your current health condition. However, your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being may help heal physiological concerns. With that in mind, don’t disregard the healing nature of the sunstone as the mineral might still prove to be a beneficial asset to your physical well-being.

The brain sends complex signals that can alter moods in a second. People who find it challenging to balance their feelings should seek the help of the right stones for the job. Minerals like clear quartz, black tourmaline, and sunstone can help parry negative energies so you can maintain healthy, positive feelings as you go about your day. Use the stones mentioned above to keep positivity throughout the day and for the days ahead.

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