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Our hair is considered the crowning glory of our looks. You can say that it completes everything that we want to be physical. For women, it is the last thing to be fixed before we get out of the house. It doesn't matter what kind of hair, as most would focus more on the face like applying makeup. On the other hand, most men would just concentrate on their locks like what this article tells us. 

After all, most do not need to put on makeup, so this is the only thing that needs some fixing on their look. However, there are some issues that people face regarding this part of our body.

For both men and women, most of us will experience losing hair at some point. It is just a part of aging. Those follicles do weaken as time passes by, and we cannot do anything about it. Some products claim that they can fix this issue by having anti-aging serums and almost every pill in existence. 

However, this is already an inevitable part of life, and we need to accept it and move on. There are many other concerns regarding aging that hair loss should be the last thing on your mind.

Getting To The Bottom Of Things

However, there is one issue that is more difficult to accept: Receding hairline. There is nothing worse for fashion than seeing it go higher and higher. Once it reaches the peak, this is the time when you will have bald spots all over your hair. Some only experience this slightly, like in their temples.

Others are not that lucky as they see it recede further and further until it reaches the top of their head. This is the time when there is no going back, and you might need to accept your fate. 

Many people are looking for ways to fix a receding hairline, and there are varying results. For one, most people give up because it seems that there are no practical answers anymore. Most of the cases for this type of loss can be attributed to genes. Thus, people are losing hope with their situation. 

Most of them just accept it, especially the men, since it can be a part of aging. Some women even find it sexy that their men are becoming bald, even though that may sound peculiar to you. It can be due to the influence of celebrities, or it can be a personal preference. Regardless, you can make it look as good as you want to.

For women, it is another story. Even though it is not usually as bad as the men, it can be a source of stress and shame for some. It makes the forehead wider, which may not be acceptable for their everyday looks. Some even do everything just to hide it, like growing bangs and looking for other hairstyles. Fortunately, we are not living in the modern world. 

Whether you are a man or a woman, there is a solution to losing some of your crowning glory. However, there are some factors that you may need to note before trying anything out. 

Possible Solutions To A Receding Hairline


1. Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Surprisingly, your food choices and lifestyle influence the growth of your hair in the body. For example, many people believe that losing all your precious strands can be attributed to exercise. However, there is no truth in this statement, as this only happens if you take specific medications like steroids.

Other than that, taking vitamin A and E among others increases the growth process so that you would still have a thicker head of hair. Exercising regularly also helps with this as it revitalizes your whole body. Read about its benefits here:

2. Reduce Stress

Balding and receding hairlines have long been attributed to stress based on many studies and for a good reason. There has been a lot of evidence showing that stress can negatively affect the body in the long run. It weakens the hair follicles which causes it to fall off and not grow out anymore.

Exercising is an excellent way to reduce stress, but you can also try to avoid it by recognizing your stressors. Also, keeping in touch with yourself is beneficial in topping up your mental health.

3. Lessen Product Use and Styling

There are many products these days that can be too harsh on your body. This can include many hair products like shampoos and soaps. If you think that it is negatively affecting its growth, then it would be best to avoid it as much as possible. 

Use less of it as well, so that you can easily remove any harmful residue. One of the most common sources is setting sprays and hair gels which can stick to the root part. This can cause breakage and further damage to your follicles. 

4. Over-the-counter Treatment

As you may have already seen online, there are many products available on the market these days that are deemed effective. However, this will still depend on your situation. For example, Rogaine has been marketed around to be useful for hair growth as it is more effective than other options.
Unfortunately, this might not work for some as its ingredients might not agree with your body. If you want the best results, you should consult a doctor first regarding your condition. 

5. Surgery

This is for the most extreme of situations. Hair transplant has been discussed in many health researches all the time as the new way to "regrow" hair. This is done by transferring some parts of the hair on the back of your head to the missing portions. However, there might be certain complications of this procedure. 

One of the most glaring examples is the transfer itself as it can damage the follicles of that area. You would end up with a bald spot on the part that has been operated. This is also a purely cosmetic procedure, and your insurance might not be able to cover for it.

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