3 Eco-Friendly Shopping Tips

Unfortunately for shopaholics, shopping can have quite a severe environmental impact if it's not done properly. The growing movement for an eco-friendly lifestyle has led many shoppers to take more sustainable approaches to their shopping habits. Whether you love shopping and do it frequently, or hate it and only go when it's absolutely necessary, abiding by the following tips can really help the fight against climate change and reduce your carbon footprint.

1. Shop With Reusable Shopping Bags
Plastic bags, like the ones used to carry items home from the grocery store, are among the most damaging products for the environment. Most people improperly dispose of these plastic bags once they arrive home from shopping and unpack their groceries. The elimination of plastic bags is one of the biggest eco-friendly movements for shoppers, and this elimination has been made easy through the use of reusable tote bags.

3 Eco-Friendly Shopping Tips

As a result of this eco-friendly movement, reusable shopping bags are readily available and easy to find—almost every grocery store has a selection of reusable bags by their checkout areas. These environmentally friendly bags are typically sold in the form of a tote bag, including canvas tote bags and organic cotton tote bags. For shoppers who want to take their eco-friendly movement one step further, the organic cotton tote bag is the way to go, as organic products provide a positive environmental impact. Overall, the move toward reusable canvas tote bags is easy to join, as these tote bags are inexpensive and easy to store in your home or your car—and since they are more durable than plastic bags, these cotton tote bags are less likely to break while carrying groceries!

Many stores have fully eliminated the plastic bag as a result of this movement, and many shoppers have reciprocated this movement by purchasing a reusable tote bag. However, in the event that a shopper does forget their tote bags and needs a way to carry their groceries or other goods, most stores have paper bags as a backup option. Paper bags are easier to recycle than plastic bags and have a significantly less severe environmental impact.

2. Buy Eco-Friendly Products
Another important eco-friendly shopping tip is to purchase products that are environmentally friendly. Many mainstream products are surrounded by ethical issues and have a negative environmental impact. One of the most common examples can be seen in personal hygiene products. Many of these products raise ethical issues by being tested on animals, while the chemicals used within these products are harmful to the environment once they're disposed of. The same goes for household cleaning products, many of these chemicals are harmful to the environment and wildlife, so it's important to read the ingredients when purchasing such products and to always opt for the natural or organic options.

Essentially every product available can be purchased in a more sustainable way, including engagement rings and other jewelry. The diamond industry is among the most damaging to the environment—creating a huge carbon footprint and directly contributing to climate change. Lab created diamond engagement rings are far more eco-friendly than rings with a natural diamond, as these diamonds are created safely as opposed to being mined in an environmentally damaging way. Mined diamonds can have a negative environmental impact, so if you're shopping for a diamond engagement ring or other jewelry, it is best to choose another option that has both quality and integrity.

3. Shop Local
Shopping local is a great way to remain environmentally friendly. By shopping locally you are driving less while simultaneously supporting local businesses, which helps decrease your carbon footprint. Shopping locally will also likely encourage the production of more organic products, as they are a healthier option and have a positive environmental impact. Since local organic produce is typically more expensive for farmers to maintain, shopping locally helps keep these businesses open. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, you should always take advantage of any local shopping options that are available.

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