Top 10 Beauty Tips for Soon-To-Be Brides

Every bride wants to look beautiful and glowing on her day, but how can this be achieved? We've got the real tips from experts on facials and therapies before the 'I dos', as well as makeup fundamentals on how to handle breakouts easily. Keep reading for expert skincare tips, certain to give you that bridal glow.

Top 10 Beauty Tips for Soon-To-Be Brides

Start With the Right Diet
It’s no secret that anything you eat tends to show up on your skin. Therefore, our first pre-wedding beauty tip isn’t about adopting any complex bridal skin care routine, but about finding the correct diet for you. One strong recommendation is that you strip sugar and carbohydrates from your diet gradually. Avoid eating junk food such as chips, ice cream, chocolates or sodas because they are the first to induce bloating and skin breakouts. Instead, adopt a healthy diet that contains fruits, green vegetables and protein.

Drink beverages such as lime water and coconut water for hydration. Include green tea in your diet for a good dose of antioxidants, too. Also, stop making any dramatic weight-loss adjustments to your lifestyle. These types of crash course dieting sometimes backfire, so you wind up adding extra weight. Remember the goal is not to deprive yourself but to supply the body with all the nutrients it wants while cutting out on the garbage.

Be Consistent with Facials
Every month in the lead-up to your wedding, treat your skin to a facial with your regular aesthetician. Point out what you want to focus on with the facials when meeting your aesthetician. Speaking up about your skin type is also important. When you have delicate skin, the aesthetician has to be very particular with the kinds of ingredients they are using, and the same applies to oily or dry skin. Importantly, make sure the day before your wedding, you do not get a facial. Your skin can respond oddly on your big day and leave you with a nasty pimple. Let your skin settle down for a few days, so do avoid facials days before your D-day.

Be Careful with Beauty Products
Do not try out any new beauty or skincare product for at least up to 3 weeks before the wedding. This means no new hair treatment, skincare, makeup and lipstick. Some beauty items include a number of harmful chemicals and do not suit all types of skins. In fact, these chemicals can damage your skin in the long-term, because they can induce blackheads, pimples and inflammation, which are the last things you need on your wedding day.
If you really must change your beauty products, we suggest you use organic or natural beauty and skincare products that come with natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals, just like Okana. Such natural ingredients can also take care of nourishing your skin.

Wear an Overnight Mask
A few times a week, wearing an overnight mask can leave the skin smooth and vibrant. You can skip much of the makeup regimen measures after washing and toning, and then add a mask.
A mask is not intended to substitute the normal face-washing routine. It is designed purely to augment it. If your skin is oily, use a mask once every two or three days. If you have dry skin, you can keep oil and dirt from building up by using a mask once or two times in a month. A broad variety of soft, breathable masks are available and can be used as a 20-minute peel-off. If you want better results, you can leave it on overnight and take off in the morning.

Visit a Professional
When you've got many blemishes or spots on your face, then professional appointments can be the key to get a fair, spot-free complexion easily. Go to the right professional for blotchy skin, sunburns and pigmentation therapies. One successful cure for blemishes and scars is microdermabrasion procedures by skilled aestheticians. Begin the therapies for wrinkles, fine lines or even acne at least six months before the wedding.

Avoid Stress Situations
Are you aware that stress can trigger breakouts? It is understandable that the days leading up to your wedding may be a period of intense stress, because there is too much to plan, pick, do, and all that together with juggling your everyday job and life. Unfortunately, so much stress can reveal directly on your face. So, by doing meditation, yoga, listening to music or something else that instils calm in you, you can hold the stress at bay while planning your big day.

Give Your Body a Glow
A sunless spray tan can mask some imperfections such as acne marks, stretch marks, cellulite and scars. For the best result, begin exfoliating the skin a week before the big day in preparation for a spray tan. You can either use a spray cat at home or visit a tanning parlour. If you are doing it yourself for the first time, be sure to do a test run first to make sure the shade you're using is correct for your skin tone.

Try Detoxing
Detoxification will help the skin maintain a natural glow. This will also help remove the toxins and clear the skin. For homemade detox, mix your daily drinking water with oranges, lemon, mint leaves or some other natural food. To improve detoxification, you can add some detox drinks or vitamin beverages to your regular diet too.

Don’t Forget Your Hands and Feet
If you want to have beautiful hands on one day in your life, it's your wedding day. Face and hands and sometimes feet are the most frequently exposed, leaving them more vulnerable to skin impurities.
Prepare your hands and feet for your big day by using a moisturising lotion, especially after you wash them. Try to avoid soaps that dry off easily to protect your hands and feet from roughness, cracking and calluses.

Like professional spa treatments that take care of your face, if you're planning on getting a manicure or pedicure close to your wedding date, make sure you've been through a couple of test runs. This is the best way to know exactly how your skin and nails react to the products of the spa.

Be Sure to get Enough Sleep
Finally, don’t play with your sleep. Understandably, you may not be having enough sleep due to all the arrangements. Improper sleep, however, may contribute to a tired face and can even cause you dark circles under your eyes. To keep your skin healthy, make sure you sleep properly.

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