100% Vegan Hair Growth Products from Scandinavian Biolabs

Hair Growth SerumIf you are looking for an all-natural & 100% vegan solution for hair growth, hair strength and recovery, you should consider trying the products of Scandinavian Biolabs. I recently tested their Hair Strength Shampoo, Hair Recovery Conditioner and Hair Growth Serum for Women and I am amazed by the remarkable results. I used the products one month and I noticed that my hair became softer (I typically have a greasy hair), stopped detangling and was easier to comb. I think it started to fall less. I also noticed that I don't have split ends as I used to.

The Strength Shampoo utilizes all-natural, 100% vegan ingredients to gently cleanse and nourish damaged hair and scalp. Developed to reduce excessive sebum to avoid greasy hair; supply vital vitamins that nurture for a healthy scalp; and improve the strength, enhance thickness and increase the overall volume of hair. The Strength Shampoo moisturizes the scalp and hair while leaving a pleasant eucalyptus aroma.

To get the best results alongside the Growth Serum and Recovery Conditioner it is recommended to use the Strength Shampoo on a daily basis. This is to maximize the exposure of the low concentration of key active ingredients, such as Capilia Longa.

The Recovery Conditioner finely supplements Strength Shampoo to restore and protect the integrity of hair strands. It enhances the protective layer, boosting elasticity, and overall strength. It removes excessive oiliness, eliminating greasiness while avoiding the drying out of hair strands, which can result in split ends and damaged shafts. Recovery Conditioner helps achieve a healthier shine to stronger, more stable hair. 

Naturally recovers and protects hair fiber by creating a protective layer around each fiber. Fully nurtures hair to achieve thicker, glossier and fuller hair.

Hair Growth Serum

The Growth Serum is an all-natural, 100% vegan solution to hair loss. It is designed to block inhibitors such as invasive hormones, and stimulate blood flow to supply vital nutrients to the scalp. The Growth Serum functions as an epigenetic reset for the follicular cell cycle to encourage ‘younger’ cells to develop. With all active ingredients working in tandem, the Growth Serum naturally stimulates hair growth and increase hair density and strength.

Naturally counteracts depletion of hair and receding hairlines by epigenetically resetting the hair follicle and nurturing the scalp, naturally.

All products are safe for sensitive scalps, suitable for all hair types and safe for dyed hair.

Hair Growth Serum

The products are produced with leading hair care experts in Denmark and the company offers 150 days money-back guarantee. Check all hair growth products of Scandinavian Biolabs here.

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