How To Make Sure Your Hairstyle Reflects Who You Are And How You Want To Be Perceived

Choosing the right hairstyle can be difficult. But, it is inevitable that you will need to change your look from time to time. However, if you have ever experienced a bad haircut, you will know that it is so much more than just a bad hair day.

Blond hair

Your hair is part of who you are and reflects your personality and outlook on life. You only have to consider the old adage ‘Blonds have more fun’. It may seem strange that your hair color can dictate how fun you are. But, there does seem to be some truth in this!

Another great example is the Emo haircut. This is often characterized by the covering of one eye. The haircut does more than tell people you are an Emo, hiding your eye suggests a more subdued nature and a preference not to be in the limelight.

If you want your hair to reflect who you are you need to start thinking about how it looks and how you want to be seen.

The Right Product
Of course, before you start playing with the style of your hair it is a good idea to invest in natural products, such as the purple shampoo range. These will help you to look after your hair and keep it healthy. As healthy hair is shiny, voluminous, and looks great you will be halfway to creating the right impression.

Straight Hair
This generally shows that you mean business. This style of hair suggests you are serious, probably conservative, and prefer to deal with people in a straightforward manner. If you have straight hair you are more likely to be taken seriously than curly-haired people, who are generally perceived as having a more casual approach to life.

Short Hair
An increasing number of people are opting for short hair. In some cases, this is a rebellion against a system that assumes long hair is feminine. In fact, short hair on a woman is generally perceived to show you are strong, independent, and confident. It is a great way of telling people you have nothing to hide.

Long Hair
Long hair is traditionally associated with femininity and beauty. This is partially due to the fables and tales that have been handed down over the years, all with feminine figures with long hair. However, long hair is not generally seen as professional. That is why the majority of women who have risen through the ranks have short hair. It is unusual to find a woman at the top of the business world with hair past her shoulders.

In general, blondes are perceived to have more fun and brunettes are more serious. But, if you choose another color, you will be seen as rebellious or simply want to call attention to yourself. Of course, colorful hair, such as bright red or green doesn’t usually go down well in the corporate world.

The Bottom Line
Choosing a color or length can help to show people who you are. However, if you are comfortable with yourself and your hair, you can create any hairstyle you like and still reflect your own personality while looking good. It's time to experiment.

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