How to choose a wedding dress?

The wedding is an important event in life. Every girl dreams of being loved and happy. On this day, all attention is focused on the bride. I would like to show myself on my best side, to present a profitable dignity, to enchant with beauty and at the same time to feel comfortable. That is why it is so important to find "your" wedding dress that fits perfectly, reflects the inner world and matches the style of the wedding and the temperament of the bride. 

We know how difficult it is to make a choice. Each girl is unique, with unique taste and figure. That's why we made the assortment as diverse as possible. The catalog contains dresses of different colors, length and  style. It only remains to find the desired model. 

How to choose a body type outfit to favorably emphasize the advantages, hide the disadvantages and comfortably spend a significant day in it? This will be discussed in our article. 

How to choose a wedding dress?

Choice of wedding dress by figure type 

Each type of figure can be beautifully presented. The proportional silhouette looks harmonious. No matter what size the girl wears, the clothes will help to regulate any proportions. Consider the recommendations for choosing a wedding dress for different physique. 

Apple or O-shaped silhouette 

Pregnant girls can be included in the same category. If you do not want to focus on an interesting situation, you can use the following tricks: 
Choose a short length dress with an asymmetrical hem and slit to show off the legs.  The trapezoidal incision helps to hide the abdomen.  The higher the waist, the more massive the lower part of the dress will look. Owners of the "apple" figure should not choose a cut that fits just below the bust. The closer the emphasis is to the real waist, the more proportional the silhouette will look. An empire style wedding dress is a winning solution for those who want to hide their belly and emphasize their lush breasts. 

How to choose a wedding dress?

Pear figure or A-silhouette 

It is characterized by rounded thighs and a fragile upper part. The bottom is more voluminous than the bust and shoulders. The waist is usually thin and pronounced. Pear brides can use several techniques: 
Add volume to the top by choosing a dress with bats, ruffles on the chest, ruffles, drapery.  Adjust the bottom with a dress with an A-shaped incision, trapezoidal hem. 
Emphasize the waist with a belt or a tight fit.  It is better for owners of the figure "right triangle" to avoid wedding dresses "fish", as they draw attention to the lower body, visually aggravate the thighs. 

How to choose a wedding dress?


A bride with broad shoulders and lush breasts should add volume to the lower body. Numerous ball gowns make this easy. If the girl does not like too bulky models, a falling skirt from the A-line will be enough. The long-sleeved product will visually reduce the shoulders. 


Owners of a proportional hourglass figure can choose any style of wedding dresses. There are no restrictions in any way. It is worth paying attention to other parameters, such as length, taking into account the height, wedding style, season. 

Rectangular silhouette 

Girls belonging to this type do not have a pronounced waist. Everything is proportional enough, but there are not enough accents. You can correct the situation by adding the same amount of volume to the top and bottom of the dress. Corset, imitation, thin belt will help make your waist thin. 

How to choose a wedding dress?

How to choose a wedding dress in height? 

Optimal styles of dresses for brides of different heights: 
The spectacular, sexy mermaid model suits well-proportioned girls of medium height and taller. It is better for the petite beauties to refuse it. 
A short bride should pay attention to the details of the dress. The length can be full, medium, short. When choosing a maxi dress, it is best to see the shoes. All types of horizontal lines of the product visually stretch the growth. This can be embroidery, ribbons, darts. A high waist will help you lengthen your legs. A deep neckline and a long train also play in favor of the future wife. 

The height of the groom also matters, because on this day the couple should look as one. If the bride is taller, you can choose a fluffy dress. This style visually shortens the height. Don't forget about the shoes. Let it be low, graceful heel, glass or stiletto heels. A high hairstyle is also not suitable. 
With a small stature and a magnificent figure, a high-waisted wedding dress will help. The incision should be spacious. The abundance of decor also adds an extra feel. A simple model will look most advantageous.

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