Linda Evangelista applies her make-up in 10 minutes

Linda Evangelista applies her make-up in 10 minutes The Canadian supermodel - who fronted last year's Prada Fall campaign and is the current face of L'Oreal Paris cosmetics - has learnt so many beauty tricks during her 30-year career she only takes a few minutes to perfect her appearance.

She said: "I did my own make-up this morning and it takes 10 minutes, tops! My best trick is to do it in natural light. I keep all my make-up on a huge mirrored tray and I just take it to whatever window is looking good that day."

However, the 44-year-old beauty is so particular about how her lips look she often turns down the industry's biggest make-up artists to make them up herself.

She explained to Britain's Grazia magazine: "I can't live without lip liner - it just makes my face and defines it like nothing else. My cheekbones are sucked in and everything just sharpens. I've been using it for years and I never let make-up artists do my lip liner on shoots, not even the big ones!

"I don't do lipstick. I think lip liner and a slick of gloss give a much more modern and plumping effect."
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