Can we make our hair grow faster?

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Dries Van Noten's Edgy Ethnic Gents Hairs are one of the most important assets of a woman. Every one wants his hair to be healthy, lustrous and shining. This can be achieved by a healthy hair care routine. There's no scientifically proven way to make your hair grow faster. But there are several things you can do to let your hair healthy and to grow up.

Remember- hairs are a sennitive part of your body that need special care. You have to be very nice to your hair.

What you can do to help to your hair...

1. Brush your hair before you shower. Brushing your hair before you shower reduces tangling in the shower.

2. Brush it carefully. And if you have wavy or curly hair, you should use a wide tooth comb while your hair is still wet, since brushes can disrupt curl pattern and cause frizz.

3. When using conditioner, try sifting your fingers through your hair. This reduces extensive combing after your shower and also distributes the conditioner evenly.

4. Don't try to wash your hair everyday. The natural oils protect and condition your hair better than anything.

5. Don't pull your hair into tight ponytails or cornrows. Can use butterfly clips and loose braids instead.

6. Take a daily multivitamin. Iron deficiency makes hair loss worse. Women with heavy periods are at a higher risk of iron deficiency.If you have an iron deficiency diagnosed by a doctor, you shouldn't take iron supplements, because it can damage your stomach . Taking a multivitamin and eating iron-rich foods is more than enough.
If you're a vegetarian, you can eat foods rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C will help your body to absorb the kind of iron that is found in vegetables.

7. A multi vitamin, Biotin, fish oil and protien are essential in your diet. They have been proven to make hair grow with sufficient amounts.

8. Diets low in protein and iron (e.g. very low-fat) and also those high in protein but low in fruits and vegetables that result in dramatic weight loss can also trigger significant hair loss. Instead, keep a balanced diet, and focus on gradual calorie reduction.

9. Stress is a common cause of reversible hair loss. When you experience physical or emotional turmoil, it can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 4 months for the results to show up in your hair.

So... also it is good to remember:

You must eat healthy.
To get good hair conditioners and other products for your hair
Periodically ewar protective styles
Keep up with oil massage
Keep up with what your hair needs!

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