Summer Vintage Must-Haves

Summer Vintage Must-HavesSummer is here. Get ready for the new adventure full of laugh, sand, sun and Mohito. We present you some important advices for your new vintage summer look:

The swimsuit

The high wasted bikini and belted one-suits are in, putting the thong bikini on the back burner. To find a true vintage bathing suit you can shop your local vintage stores and use online sources. This season most of the designers are adding a vintage look into their style lines.


sunglassesSunglasses from another era is a quick way to look vintage chic. Try vintage Ray ban sunglasses to really have your friends drooling.


music Make a mix of vintage music that you have never heard and call it your 'vintage inspiration playlist'. There is nothing like taking a trip back to the good old days than playing music from that era. For example some of the best choices: Otis Redding, Jackson Brown, Van Morrison, Jodi Mitchell, Miles Davis and Tina Turner and so on.

Denim Shorts

denim shortsI love denim shorts. They go with everything and are comfortable at the same time. My trick: I go to a local thrift shop, buy a pair of vintage jeans for under $6 and cut them into shorts. To get the frayed look wash them a few times.

The vintage is coming back with all of its forms - clothes, accessories, music. Try to feel the era with its advantages - feel free and comfortable.

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