Women are most confident in a swimsuit at 59

Women are most confident in a swimsuit at 59A new British research shows that the women feel themselves most confident in a swimsuit at 59.

60% of women feel most confident in a bathing suit at the mature age. According to the participants in the survey over the years women get the magic feel themselves comfortable in their own skin.

The image of the actress Helen Mirren, which looks brilliant in red swimsuit 62 years, is a symbol of inspiration for many representatives of the fair sex.

2 000 British women take part in the study and they honestly confess that over the years they become happy to show their bodies at the beach.

In a contrast to them every fifth British woman between 18 and 34 years, feels herself confident in her summer clothes. According to the older representatives of sex the biggest mistake of the young girls is that they buy clothes which are tight and uncomfortable.

Men become more confident 14 years earlier. 45 years old, they are now "the kings of the beach" and they stop thinking about the beer belly and overweight.


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