Calvin Klein new fragrance for Spring 2014

Calvin Klein new fragrance for Spring 2014The Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria fragrance for women is glamorous, chic and exciting. The sophisticated and pleasant notes included in the bouquet of this fabulous perfume have the most memorable components for you to be able to leave your traces wherever you go. Those surrounding you will not be able to forget you even when you’re long gone.

The design of the bottle also talks about the general effect the Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria fragrance has. It is made with some curiously rounded sides, and is adorned with a sweet peachy pink shade, which most probably stands for the joyous spring mood awaiting for us. So having this fragrance means becoming the true angels of spring, and leaving the impression of a spring flower.

Calvin Klein new fragrance for Spring 2014

The fragrance is a combination of citrus touches, presented as a combo of cherry blossom and mandarin. The heart includes the sweet and charming ones like rose and violet, and the base finishes up the effect with some bamboo, sandalwood and musk notes.

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