Miuccia Prada for the future of fashion

Miuccia Prada for the future of fashionMiuccia Prada believes that fashion for women and men should be presented together.

The designer deviated from the norm during the fashion week in Milan where the brand presented menswear Spring 2015. Prada diversify her collection of menswear with a few models for women.

The Italian believes that the mixing of these two things is the future of fashion.

"I think the combination is more realistic. This is for today. Years ago women were separated from men. So the reviews are separated and are unrealistic. I think that when they are together, they will yield a sense of meaning and reality, " she told British newspaper "The Telegraph".

While recognizing that there are more extravagant approach to creating clothes for women, Miuccia is trying not to be influenced by gender stereotypes.

"The best thing about my inspiration comes from my thoughts. I think as a woman. I'm trying to imagine more strongly when creating for women than for men. I think about the people, not about the gender" says Miuccia Prada.

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