Essie Fall/Winter 2014 collection

Essie Fall/Winter 2014 collection

Live dangerously. Dress flawlessly. Inspired by espionage and the thrill of the chase, the fall palette delivers shades so chic it’s almost criminal. Now is the time for dramatic, intriguing colour that plays up your mysterious side with deep, saturated tones. What’s the secret password into this tangled web of under-the-radar style? If you have to ask, darling, well…it’s essie, of course!

Essie Fall/Winter 2014 collection

essie’s fall palette is a compelling collection of highly complementary hues that work beautifully together and make a serious style statement all on their own. Dazzling, rich autumnal red feels daring, racy and is sure to quicken pulses everywhere. Novel inky cobalt, providing added colour, depth and spellbinding beauty, makes an edgy alternative to office-issue navy. Traditional gray is laced with green and teal and undertones for a tantalizing effect, creating the perfect smokescreen for subtle subterfuge. Seasonal staples mahogany and taupe, are ideal neutrals that work with any fashionable fall frock.

Essie Fall/Winter 2014 collection

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