"Indefinite Hangar" by Prada Spring/Summer Womenswear 2016 collection

For the Spring/Summer 2016 Prada Women’s show AMO investigates the perception of continuous space through an invasion of the ceiling. Plastic sheets hang down acting as a virtual mold that defines the catwalk and seating areas, while the concrete ground area acts as the negative of the above scene.

The fiberglass and polycarbonate stalactites manipulate the proportions and perspectives of the brutal and industrial space. These alternating levels of views and transparencies introduce the guests to a blurred horizon.

A synthetic dawn spreads through the room radiating opalescent reflections. Iridescent lights shine through the ceiling highlighting the defined geometries of its modules.

Arranged in elliptical benches that are determined by the ceiling installation, they never perceive the room as a whole.
The wall, floor and seats, covered in concrete, emerge as a remnant, disturbing the boundaries between seating and catwalk.

About the collection: the silhouettes are clear and stylish. You can recognize some of the trends: as vinyl clothes, the stripes (in this case the stripes are vertical) and the midi skirts. The color palette is in the brown shades, such as yellow, ochra, beige, green, blue and so on. The key pieces in the collection are the midi skirts, the jackets and the vinyl outerwear. The silhouettes are finished with extra large jewelry and the gorgeous handbags of the brand.

Photos: fashionising.com
Information: prada.com

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