Fashion and Fitness

Well, guys nowadays people have become trendier and in-fashioned. A few years back these things didn’t matter, and we were not conscious of these fashion standards and status. There was no competition at that time, and there were limited brands and companies who used to cater to the non-interested population of that time. Things back then were so much easier, less complex and simple as a cheesecake. We have made our lives fashionable today, but we are miserable too. Our interests have changed, clothes and money have taken the places of love and family bonding. I’m not saying that this trend that we have developed is wrong but is excessive. We should limit ourselves to these things because there’s a lot more in life to offer and to give.

A person should keep himself up to date and fit if he has the brains and money to do so. We have developed another trend of dieting and fasting for no reason at all. People today especially women and young girls are suffering from, I would say phobia, that they are overweighed and shall lose like an old eagle loses its feathers. Things like this need more than a diet plan and fasting, we should make this thing clear to ourselves that nothing is more genuinely effective and I’m saying this through experience that exercise is the best and is only the best remedy to keep yourself sound and fit and away from nasty medicines.

Fashion and Fitness

Today we have also developed another trend of making our life hard before any special occasions. May it be a party, a wedding any function or family gathering makes us conscious and makes us diet and die of hunger and other stuff? My question is why we cannot just be formally fir for everything and every event before and without preparing. Why can’t we take only 30 minutes of our 24-hour long day to walk a few steps and burn some extra calories for our good health?

Health comes first then comes fashion, if you are not fit enough to carry yourself how can you possibly look good or can wear fashionable clothes on your not fit body. So, keep yourself fit and healthy and then focus on what you are going to buy, what you are going to wear. Brands are not important in my personal opinion, but your health and gyms are so joined one to make yourself in shape.

Today girls had developed excessive interests in brands and knitted clothes. A few years back when we were kids our mothers used to knit clothes themselves, and knitting is an art, a beauty that makes you capable of making yourself capable. I still remember the hand knitting machines the noise they made and the beautiful clothes that were created and featured here in our own homes. We need to bring back those days by not forgetting our today’s fashion lifestyle but to cherish those happy moments and to educate our girls in the beauty of those hand knitted dresses and happiness that you felt when you wore them.

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