Reducing Your Make Up Dependence in Your Late Thirties Can Refresh Your Appearance

With various publications noting Kate Middleton’s recent haircut after the birth of her third child, many women of the same age have begun to turn to the glamourous duchess as a great role model for those women edging towards their forties.

Reducing Your Make Up Dependence in Your Late Thirties Can Refresh Your Appearance

For most of us at this age, this should be a time when we begin to come into our own and finally develop a sense of confidence about our bodies and our overall appearance. However, it’s also a time whereby some women feel that the advice and articles given regarding skin care, fashion advice, and hair suggestions is all but lost, tailored to either those under thirty or those over.

Rethinking Our Eye Make-Up
For the more eagle-eyed of fans, Kate noticeably dropped her all-time favorite eyeliner a couple of years back. For those women who have used eyeliner as a makeup statement throughout their teenage years and into their twenties, the idea of losing that perfected eyeliner flick fills them with dread!

However, by doing this, Kate has emerged looking noticeably perkier in comparison. By reducing the amount of eyeliner and accompanying eye makeup, she has softened her look and encouraged a more refreshing and youthful under eye area.

Dark eye makeup can lend a more substantial look to the eyes as well as encourage the appearance of dark circles, which often adds years onto the face. It also makes the eyes seem smaller than they are - when really what we want to be doing at this age is brightening our face.

Rethinking Our Foundation Choices
As we approach our forties, it’s inevitable we’ll begin to see subtle changes developing in our skin’s overall performance. This is usually when we most notice those fine lines which can become more prominent here. It’s also the time when our skin tone begins to change.

These effects determine the choice of the foundation that we use. It’s a time when most women find that matte based foundations look and feel too heavy on the skin and increase those fine lines or aging skin. This can be easily combatted by selecting a somewhat dewy finish instead.

Alternatively, this can be the best time to search for products that encourage that how to look beautiful naturally look, perhaps even switching to BB cream or a tinted moisturizer instead for a lighter and more refreshing appearance.

Rethinking Our Skin Care Regimes
If you’ve gone through your twenties and early thirties merely taking your make up off and applying any old moisturizer before bed, now would be the best time to look at researching a better cream for your current needs. Anything in the way of replenishing our face overnight will pay dividends the next morning.

Look towards using a rich moisturizer at night once you’ve removed your make up. Hand creams are perfect choices for using on the face and neck as they are more productive in their makeup and work all the way through the night to rebuild and replenish the properties of the skin.

Additionally, it’s never too early to consider using an anti-aging cream here. The earlier you start with such a product, the sooner you can work on ensuring top healthy-looking skin each time, making sure when you do apply your makeup, you have the best possible canvass to work on!

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