Check Out Your Body Type Before Getting a Prom Dress!

What is my body type and how will I know the dress that will compliment me? This a crucial question that most girls have trouble with. Worry no more! We are going to show you all possible body types and the suitable dresses for each, then visit and get the advised dress.

Check Out Your Body Type Before Getting a Prom Dress!

The hourglass.
This type of body is every woman’s dream. If you already have it, you just have to flaunt it in a manner that will make it even look better than it already is. Since you already have a proportional body with a slim waistline, pick a dress that will show off the pretty waist. Make sure that the top and bottom part balances. For this type of body, a mermaid prom dress is advised. It’s not a must that it's body-hugging if that is not comfortable for you. The dresses that will suit this body type are;
- Trumpet or mermaid dress.
- V – neckline bodice or sweetheart with an extended skirt training down
- Sleeveless dresses.

Pear or triangle.
Most women workout this type of body, hips that are wider than your bust line. For this body type, the rules of hourglass apply, pick something that works a similar principle. Pick a bodice dress that fits at the top, since your body allows it.
Suitable dresses for this body type are;
- A line dress, it can either be short or long. Whichever you decide.
- Something in net, sheer, fabric or tulle will complement your beauty.
- Strapless, halter neck or noodle trap will go amazingly with the bodice.

For this body type, the bust area is extensive. This is a strength, focus on this when shopping for a dress. Also, do not focus attention on your waist since it not defined. Girls with this body type should choose long dresses and avoid short ones.
Dresses suitable for this body type are;
- Ball-gown, a line or a dress with empire cuts.
- You can also go for a full-length skirt, if not so long let it fall on the knees. This way you won’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself.
- It’s also a good idea to focus on your top front parts, like a deep v neckline, strapless, illusion sleeves or halters will look great on you.
- Explore unique dresses like, asymmetrical, for either the neckline or the skirt.

Inverted triangle.
The name itself says it all. The upper body is wider than the lower part in this case. The waistline is not defined for this type of body. With this body, you can create an illusion of a slim waist and will look more like the hourglass. Focus less on the shoulders.
Here are dresses suitable for this body type;
- A line dress, princess dress or ball gown.
- A short dress is allowed since you have a slimmer bottom.
- Avoid extremely short dresses, they carry unnecessary attention.
- Ruffled skirts and peplum dresses are also suitable.
- Create a balance that will automatically define your waist.

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