The 5 best places to go shopping in Mexico

For many, Mexico has become their paradise holiday location: authentic Mexican food you won’t get back home, dazzling beaches and five-star holiday resorts. Anyone who has visited this part of Central America will notice that this country is home to a number of unique patterns and designs that you will want to bring back home with you. Bright bursts of color and bold iconography will be a reminder of your holiday, tucked away in your wardrobe.

Mexico shopping

Reforma 222

This is the shopping mall to visit in Mexico if you want everything at your doorstep and every clothing brand you could possibly imagine. Everything from luxury brands, places to eat and entertainment is available here, and it’s not too far from some of the bigger hotels in Mexico City.

La Turquesa Jewelry and Art

If you’re after pendants and unique jewelry that are distinctive and unique to Mexico, then La Turquesa Jewelry and Art is a brilliant little gem in Cabo San Lucas. This family-run business has been around for over 22 years and all the jewelry is hand made. If you want to take home Mexican art pieces to sit pride of place in your home then his places also showcases and specializes in local art. If you’re looking to spend most of your time in Cabo San Lucas, then searching for a charter flight to Cabo San Lucas will help ensure the travel arrangements for your holiday run according to plan.

Puerto Paraiso Mall

Also based in Cabo San Lucas, this mall is a massive hit with tourists who visit this area of Mexico. Visitors have raved about the local ice cream on offer among other local touches in a shopping precinct that also has a wide commercial appeal. You’ll find restaurants, waterfalls and a wide variety of retail therapy options. Situated not too far from the coast, this shopping mall is a little shopping oasis surrounded by exotic palm trees.

Bimba Y Lola

This is actually a Spanish chain store, but their biggest Mexican retail outlet is in Mexico City. If you’re looking for contemporary fashion that you won’t be able to find outside of Spain or Mexico, this is the place to shop. Pairing some of this brand’s modern and new looks with some of Mexico’s more traditional-pattern clothing pieces will give you a wardrobe look like no other.

La Lagunilla

If you still haven’t had your fix of traditional Mexican-style pieces, then hunting around La Lagunilla is certainly the place to uncover some hidden style pieces. This market is open on Sundays in Mexico City, and it is host to an abundance of local Mexican traders. You’ll find second-hand items, vintage clothing, and even Mexican street food.

Before you set off on your Mexican retail therapy holiday, it’s important to remember to leave plenty of room in your hand and checked luggage. There are so many commercial and local fashion pieces to uncover in this vibrant country. Whether you come home with a hand-made necklace, vintage jacket or a Mexican-brand shirt, you’ll have a wardrobe that reminds you of your time away in paradise.

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