Reasons The Saree Is a Unique Indian Fashion Garb

Reasons The Saree Is a Unique Indian Fashion Garb

The saree is a traditional outfit that is worn in India, Pakistan, and Nepal. Every woman in India has a piece or more of the saree. A saree can be worn every day or on different occasions. It has influenced various fashion designers around the world and it has evolved in many designs as well. Also it is now seen on many runways and globally it has been embraced. Some of the styling options that have originated from the saree are. Dhoti saree, Saree gown, Saree pants among many others that more designers are creating. In India, the saree is much loved and with current world fashion trends the fashion world has loved it too. Especially with women from celebrities to ordinary women now adorning to the saree. However, the saree is not understood well with various misconceptions about it of what they think. Below are some reasons the saree is a unique Indian ethnic attire and why it is.

Multiple ways of draping

Reasons The Saree Is a Unique Indian Fashion Garb

Not all Indian clothes are draped but they are still beautiful in their specific designs and styles. For instance, a long Kurtis with front cut is just paired with bottoms and maybe a dupatta around the shoulder and you get an Indian outfit. The saree, however, can be draped over 100 ways depending on how one finds it suitable. The draping styles are influenced by the specific Indian region, the function of the saree and the context. Just how food and language can be influenced in regards to geography. Therefore, you can drape a saree according to one of the many Indian cultures or drape in your specialized way and make a unique draping. Hence, this is one reason as to why the saree is unique. But people think there is only one way to drape the saree that every Indian uses.

No blouse, No petticoat

Reasons The Saree Is a Unique Indian Fashion Garb

Interestingly, you can wear a saree with no blouse and no petticoat as it was once. In fact, in the early days, they would just drape a saree around themselves and wear it that way with no blouse or petticoat. The popularity of the blouse and petticoat increased during the colonial times for it was immoral to have an exposed chest as a woman. From then on wearing a blouse and petticoat is the norm but for older women mostly. The middle-aged women prefer wearing pants or leggings instead of petticoats or the blends of sarees that are there like dhoti saree. The blouse has many designs and styles today and in various fabrics as well.

It is easy to wear with no complications.

Reasons The Saree Is a Unique Indian Fashion Garb

People think wearing a saree requires a lot of safety pins. For it has an appearance and reputation that it is difficult to wear. Well, a perfectly worn saree has no risk of falling off or the need to secure it with multiple pins. Use a few pins for the sake of feeling secure but not necessarily to hold the saree, for too many pins make it rigid. Drape it as you would like for it is easy to wear and can be worn by anyone. It is not only limited to the Indian women since most people shy away from wearing it. But it is important that it is worn with respect and not used aimlessly as a costume.

It is more than a handwoven cloth

Reasons The Saree Is a Unique Indian Fashion Garb

For starters, the saree used to be called a ‘Sadi’ that also was derived from the word "Sati" that means a strip of cloth. And it has over time evolved from just being a strip of cloth to the now many indo-western saree designs in the fashion market now. The other thing is a saree is more than just an uncut piece of handwoven cloth. Traditionally, it was a fabric that was unstitched and heavier on some sides to allow the draping to fit in perfectly. Recently, the textile used is made by mill or hand with the same density. Contemporary materials like cotton, silk, and others have been included to make the saree as the saree trend keeps on evolving.

Colors and motifs

Reasons The Saree Is a Unique Indian Fashion Garb

Both the colors and motifs have meaning when it comes to the saree. The color has always been important from old times and still is today. For instance, a widow is required to wear a white saree to represent her mourning period. Red sarees symbolize fertility and are worn mostly by brides. Yellow sarees are worn after childbirth. Of course, black symbolizes sadness and you rarely notice them much. On the other hand, each motif you see on a saree is a representation of something. Parrots represent passion, elephants represent water and fertility while fish motifs symbolize fertility. Currently, with modern trends, new ones of floral and other modern designs are seen on saree pieces for specific representations.

Its position in society

Reasons The Saree Is a Unique Indian Fashion Garb

The fashion trends in India are greatly influenced by global trends and the spread of e-commerce worldwide. This has in a way affected India’s sartorial choices. For instance, in cities, the saree is only acknowledged during important functions but there is a huge shift towards western garments that the Indian society feels it is easier to wear. The saree is one of the oldest and with the great support that they have offered handloom weavers in India, with over 11 million people employed to this craft. As much as the shift in textiles and garments is inevitable. The importance of the saree is still recognized and designers are constantly incorporating saree inspired designs for women of all ages.

After all, the saree remains a unique garment of the Indian fashion world. Their sentimental value to many Indian families is also a plus as why it remains unique to them. Since some of the sarees are heirlooms and are associated with a person or a certain event. For instance, a saree can be passed from one person to another or given as a special gift to someone for achieving a great milestone. Also, sarees are a source of identity for the Indian community.

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