3 Reasons Thrift Shopping Saves More Than Your Money

Thrift shopping is a great way to save money - but it's also a fantastic way to support the environment and your community. Here's why you should try it!

Do you enjoy thrift shopping? For many people, entering a secondhand store is like embarking on a treasure hunt. You never know what hidden gems you might find by browsing through the racks. It's well-known that thrift stores (and their upscale cousin, consignment shops) can save you big bucks. But there are plenty of other benefits! Read on to learn why thrifting is a savvy way to shop.

3 Reasons Thrift Shopping Saves More Than Your Money

1. Thrift Shopping Can Save the Planet

Did you know that it takes a whopping 1,800 gallons of water to make one pair of blue jeans? Now take a minute to think about how many pairs of jeans are manufactured around the world each year. And that's only one specific item of clothing.

How much water do you think it takes to make t-shirts, hoodies, puffer coats, yoga pants, wedding dresses, maxi skirts, sweaters, and socks? You get the gist. By purchasing previously enjoyed clothing, you are making a smart environmental choice.

Naturally, it's not only water you'll save. Clothing and household goods require the use of toxic chemicals, heavy machinery, and methods of transportation to ship them from point of origin to your local mall or big-box store. All these elements add up. The result is a huge toll on the health of the planet and its inhabitants.

2. Thrift Shopping Can Save Local Businesses

Let's say that you buy a pair of palazzo pants from a major fashion label. Where does your money go? A few pennies out of the purchase price goes to the sweatshops in China or Bangladesh where the company manufactured the garment. Some money gets distributed along the way from the pants' conception to the cash register.

The majority of your money, however, is going to the bigwigs at the fashion house: the designer, the CEO, the suits in upper management.

When you go thrift shopping, it's much easier to trace the money. If you choose a locally owned store, the $5 you spend for a button-down blouse says in the community. Even if you opt for a thrift chain, you're still likely to be funding a good cause rather than the capitalist fat cats.

3. Thrift Shopping Can Save Your Reputation as a Fashionista!

Do you want to buy that same floral-print jumper as everyone else at your school or in your workplace is going to be wearing? Or do you want everyone to know you for your unique, cutting-edge style?

Whether it's a secondhand watch, a vintage cocktail dress, or a basic black cardigan, the items you score at thrift shops can reflect your creative fashion sense. If you are handy with a sewing machine, fabric paint, or embroidery needle, thrift store garments become canvases on which you can create one-of-a-kind works of wearable art!

Ready to Shop 'Til You Drop?

We hope this article has you excited to get out there and go thrift shopping! If you need some inspiration before your shopping trip, check out our blog to learn more about the trends that will keep your look fashion-forward as we head toward 2020 and beyond!

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