What All Great Hair Salons Colorado Springs Have In Common

Salons that have stood the test of time and are still popular all have specific characteristics in common. While services and skills vary for every salon, one thing that's universal among all great salons are the characteristics that lead to quality service.

Great service starts with recruiting a team of professionals and ensuring that every member of the team is well-trained. Then, there's the matter of keeping customers satisfied.

That said, here are some of the characteristics that you'll find in all great salons:

1. Professionalism And Adequate Training

No salon can operate effectively without a team of well-trained experts. While this factor may be a no-brainer, there are many salons with mediocre stylists. When you come across a stylist who lacks skills, you’ll know that a salon isn't that great.

Hair salons colorado springs will invest in the training and skills of their team. Additionally, employees show a high level of professionalism.

Here are some telltale signs of a salon that values learning and professionalism:
- Hiring reputable salon experts with a rich work experience
- Bringing the staff to regular training and seminars to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date
- Regularly inviting esteemed hair professionals to work in the salon

2. Proactive Service

You can tell if a salon is good or not depending on how they treat their clients. The best hair salons know that their goal, at all times, is to keep their customers happy and satisfied. Instead of giving impersonal treatment to customers, a good salon knows how to provide personalized, specialized services. Moreover, great salons highly value their loyal patrons.

For instance, if a hairstylist knows that a regular customer likes to read magazines while having her hair done, the stylist doesn't wait for the client to ask for a magazine. The moment the client sits down, the staff provides the reading material to anticipate the client’s needs. This kind of practice makes for excellent customer service that's found only in great hair salons.

3. Cleanliness

This may be a surface level aspect to consider, but yes, cleanliness speaks a lot about the professionalism and quality of a hair salon. A good salon is always a clean one. You won't see cut hair lingering around on the floor from the morning until the evening. The bathroom is spotless. There are no strands of hair stuck in faucets or beauty products.

These may be minute details, but they're telltale signs of whether or not a salon has excellent management.

4. Up-To-Date Technology

The most successful businesses are aware that they have technology on their side. They fully use technology to their advantage. Rather than still using old-fashioned techniques, great salon experts use the latest technology to provide efficient and high-quality services - down to the little details such as using the most recent hair dryers that speed up the drying process, or straightening hair with the latest techniques and hair straighteners that prevent or lessen damage on the hair.

Apart from that, great salons also use technology to market their businesses. These companies make the effort to maintain a website or to be active on social media. Great salons can even use email marketing to update you on their latest promos and services. Technology helps bring these salons to the next level of success and trustworthiness.

5. Effective Communication With Clients

Communication between the staff and the clients is fundamental in any business. With poor communication, you'll see clients walking out the door. The first time that you walk in a business, observe how the staff treats you. If there's anything that you're not happy about the moment you walk in, then perhaps this can be a red flag.

A great salon will demonstrate the following qualities in terms of communication:
- Being courteous in greeting clients
- Listening to the specific needs of a client and addressing these needs
- Adequately and courteously answering a client’s questions, when there's something that a client doesn't understand

6. Cheerful Staff

In a great salon, you won't see employees huddled in one corner, pushing each other as to who's going to handle the next client, simply because they want to take a break from work. Great salons are well-managed so that the stylists are happy with their job. There's a system and schedule in place to ensure that staff members have adequate breaks.

As a customer, you can tell if stylists are happy with their job when they go the extra mile in serving you. They're engaged with their customers, and they don't look bored. They're pleasant, and they talk well. The salon business is in the service industry. For this reason, excellent customer service should always be a top priority.


It’s important to know whether a salon is good or bad. Otherwise, you could end up in a situation wherein you're already sitting on the styling chair, feeling unsure if you're going to walk out of the salon with a regrettable haircut.

To increase your chances of getting great results, look for these common characteristics of great salons. When you factor them all these qualities together, you'll be more able to assure yourself that your hair is in the hands of a capable expert.

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