Infographic reveals the most iconic wedding dresses of all time (and their price tags)

As anyone who has walked down the aisle will testify, it's certainly not a cheap affair. Expenses quite regularly venture into the tens of thousands, and the dress itself tends to take up a healthy chunk of this.

Well, if you are planning a wedding, an infographic we have found today should hopefully make you feel a little better. Lulus have taken 42 famous wedding dresses and put together some really interesting information on them - including the costs.

Some of the information is historic, and takes a look at some of the dresses that queens and princesses have donned over the centuries. Others is more recent, and highlights how for example Beyonce's wedding dress when she renewed her vows to Jay-Z in 2019 "only" cost $15,000. We say only, as this is actually one of the lower figures, and one only has to take a look at the wedding of Pengiran Anak Isteri and Crown Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah to see that around $4m was spent on the dresses.

The last point leads us onto an interesting issue about Royals as a whole. The infographic only seems to have found price data for some of the Royal families across the world, but just based on that it's plain to see that there are some eyebrow-raising changes.

For example, let's take Princess Diana's wedding dress in 1981. This cost a whopping £151,000, but if we are to wind back the clock to more recent weddings then Meghan Markle's dress "only" (we're getting used to saying this word), cost £100,000. Then, at the other end of the spectrum, the dress worn by Kate Middleton in her wedding to Prince William cost a huge £250,000.
Let's also end on some of the so-called cheaper dresses. Again, the infographic doesn't hold all the data, but some of the lower prices that are revealed are quite interesting. In the case of Jacqueline Bouvier's dress as she tied the knot with John F. Kennedy in 1953, this supposedly cost just $500. Considering the reputation Bouvier had from a style perspective, this is quite a surprising sum. No other politicians, or their wives, are revealed on the infographic – but we would assume that this would still very much be on the low side.

All in all, it's an interesting find and as we alluded to at the start of today's article, if you are frantically looking through your budgets for your upcoming wedding, it might make you feel a little better! After all, if Jacqueline Bouvier can do it on a budget, so can you...

Infographic reveals the most iconic wedding dresses of all time (and their price tags)

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