What's the difference between regular and alkaline skincare

As a woman, you will have the option of selecting either regular or alkaline skin products. Since the 1970s, most skin care products have been skin neutral, and this is not the same as water neutral in terms of pH. With water and other scientific elements, neutral pH is taken as 7, and anything above this number is basic or alkaline. Elements with pH values of less than 7 have varying degrees of acidity. 


However, since the skin has a naturally acidic pH of about 5.5, this is taken as the skin neutral state. If your products are labelled neutral, this means they have a pH of around this figure. Although alkaline products have been out of the market for more than 30 years, companies like sondskin.co.uk have been able to bring them back because of how good they are for skin conditions like eczema. Products from these brands are only slightly alkaline and have a pH of around 7.3. 

But what exactly is the difference between regular and alkaline skin products?

1. Impact on Skin Balance

It is important to keep your skin pH at a constant state. Sond sensitive skincare is able to do this by adding alkaline elements to the already-acidic skin environment. The reasoning behind this is that the skin is already acidic, and the body is constantly struggling to maintain the pH at 5.5. The body achieves this by drawing basic elements from other parts of the body and even excretes acidic elements out of the skin. Some of the acids end up in the connective tissues of the body. With alkaline products, the skin will be able to retain its pH without much struggle. 

Regular skin products have a pH that matches that of the skin. This may look good on the surface, but it does not help to maintain balance in the skin. With these products, the skin may end up getting loose. 

2. Impact on Microorganisms

Organic skincare from Sond and other alkaline brands also plays a greater role in deterring microorganisms. This is not the case with acidic products since they provide a great environment for microorganisms to thrive. By creating an environment with a higher pH, these organisms will die off, leaving you with perfectly healthy skin. 

3. Moisturizing Capabilities

Every woman deserves to have a moisturised face throughout the day, and for a long period of the lives. Alkaline and pH neutral skincare products have different impacts on the moisturizing of the skin. Regular skin products degrease the skin over time, and this makes it hard for the sebaceous glands to hold water. With alkaline products, the skin is more capable of staying moisturized. 

Alkaline and regular skin products work differently on your skin. Even though pH neutral products have been on the shelves for decades, they are not the best for your skin. You should note that alkaline skin products have been used for a lot longer than acidic ones, even in many ancient societies. Sond skin products will keep your skin looking good for a long period.

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