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Teeth Whitening System

What does it take to be perceived as beautiful? There are as many answers to that question as there are people in the world. Everyone has their own preferences for what they like to see in the mirror, as well as what they tend to look for in a partner’s appearance. That said, there do seem to be some things that are considered universally attractive across the globe, with all their many cultural variations.
These include: a keen sense for how to dress flatteringly, a healthy-looking and attractive smile, having a good dose of self-confidence in one’s mannerisms, and having a strong but balanced attitude in one’s interactions with others. Now, that all might seem a tad too general, right? Well, that’s because we realize that people of different backgrounds are going to have different ideas here, just like the article at this link nicely summarized it. Still, there are some tips and tricks we can give in each of these categories to step up your beauty game. Read on!

Developing a good sense of fashion
We all know how important a good first impression is, and for better or worse, one of the very first things anyone will notice about you is going to be your outfit. Therefore, it makes sense to invest some time into it, in addition to investing money. Know what to buy before you open your wallet. What exactly is “good fashion?” The runways feature some crazy stuff, as do the magazines, so you want to start your research from scratch.

Begin with the mirror. Just stand in front of it - ideally in underwear to get a clear view of your shape, so try to tailor this activity into some safe and comfortable alone time. Make sure that you have good lighting, that the mirror will show you either head to toe or at least down to your knees, and that it won’t distort the image – won’t make you look shorter or lankier than you actually are.

Imagine tracing the outline of your torso with a marker and use that to determine your overall body shape. Do you have the fabled hourglass waist? Or a more balanced oval frame? Shaped like a pear? Gentlemen, do you look like an inverted triangle? Or a more sturdy rectangular frame?

How curvy or bony are your hips? How long are your legs compared to your torso? Are you bulky, chubby, lean, petite? All of this, along with your height and overall fitness, is going to determine how various clothing styles are going to fit you. For a step-by-step approach to determining your body shape, check out this handy tutorial:

Teeth Whitening System

Next, do the same kind of examination for your face. Trace an imaginary line along your hairline, cheekbones, and jaw. Do you get the shape of a diamond? A heart? A round, oblong, square, or rectangular face? Or are you lucky to have been blessed with an oval one, universally accepting of all hairstyles?

Is your hair thick, thin, fine, straight, wavy, curly? How obedient is it, do you have trouble styling it the way you want? Do you have a beard? How thick is it? All of these factors will directly influence what hairstyles suit you best.

Choose the right one and you will take people by storm. Choose the wrong one and your whole aesthetic will collapse. Always make sure you consult your hairdresser on what style of ‘do best compliments your natural features.

Once you have figured out these fundamentals, it’s time to start styling! This is where the fun begins. Remember to always keep to your own taste. If you are wearing something you hate, you’re bound to feel uncomfortable, and it will show, it will make you awkward and diminish your appeal. So, while choosing outfits, always try to make them work with your personal aesthetic, even if only subtly. This can be tricky to navigate with more strictly coded clothes, like office wear or formal event wear. If you lean more into the formal style by default, that’s awesome, but if you’re a casual “T-shirt and sweatpants combo rules” person, you might find it annoyingly difficult. In that case, look to practicality: pick materials and forms that won’t feel restricting to your body, and focus on getting versatile pieces.
Pick colors that are in your lane: almost any hue can be made to work in a formal setting if you get the shade right! If you love reds and purples, look to darker shades like maroon and grape to get both the classiness and the character. If you adore yellow and green, find mustard- or pine-colored clothes, or wear a lemon- or lime-colored accessory like a scarf or tie. Those are perfectly forgivable when matched with classic black and gray outfits, so you get both the energy and the elegance!

Outside the narrow field of formal clothes, there’s really only one essential guideline to follow: pick stuff that fits. No baggy hoodies, no oversized shirts, no obscenely tight bottoms, no painfully narrow sleeves. You want a streamlined but comfortable feeling. A proper fit makes even ordinary items look ten times better.

Maintaining a picture-perfect smile
What makes a smile winning? You might be surprised to learn that there are some drastic ideas out there, such as filing your teeth down into spikes, drilling little decorative holes in them, or replacing a few with metal substitutes just for the kicks. Still, in most of the civilized world, the perfect smile features healthy and smooth lips, and straight, white, whole, well-shaped teeth (or cleverly mended ones). Here are some tips for ensuring you achieve exactly those requirements!

First of all, see to your dental health. Enlist the help of professionals and then adhere to their recommendations religiously. Brush and floss every day, twice a day at the minimum, clean up after every meal, and use good mouthwash. Choose a toothbrush that won’t be rough on your gums, and pick a toothpaste that matches your needs in terms of abrasion levels, breath freshening effect, and even medication if you have ill, damaged, or generally sensitive teeth and gums. Be careful with what you eat and drink so as to keep the mouth bacteria under control.

Teeth Whitening System

Next, take any steps necessary to correct the shape of your teeth and even your jaw. There’s nothing wrong with getting corrective surgery, or wearing bracers if you need them. Sure, you might blush with embarrassment at the very thought, but you really shouldn’t. Nowadays there are plenty of discrete options to choose from, so the dreaded gray cage for teeth is actually not necessary. Also get any fillings, crowns, caps, or bonding work that you might need.

Expect this step to take a while. We are not getting into prices, but you may need to save up for a thing or two at a time, depending on just how much dental work you need to undergo. In addition, some procedures need to be done over two, three, or more appointments. Some solutions, like braces, require a period of time to pass before you see any obvious results. Patience is the key here.

Finally, once you have your overall health and configuration all fixed up, do all you can for your dental aesthetic. For a well-rounded smile that everyone will admire, make sure you make it as bright and gleaming as possible. Teeth whitening kits, such as the widely-popular Snow products, can help you counteract any discoloration that might have happened over the years, and do it in the comfort of your own home. In addition, you may want to consider in-office whitening, i.e. visiting your dentist for a procedure that removes the deep stains from your enamel. This typically entails coating the teeth in a whitening gel and exposing them to a UV lamp for approximately 15 minutes.

Minor updates to your routine can also help. For example, choose a toothpaste tailored to your needs: whitening, medical, abrasive, fluoridated. Pick a mouthwash with just the right level of freshness for you. Invest in a soft-bristled or electrical toothbrush, to spare your gums the damage of getting scrubbed with unsuitably rough fibers.

Adapt your diet if necessary, reduce or eliminate intake of acidic and staining food and drink, like coffee, dark berries, red wine, vinegar, citruses, fizzy drinks, sugary snacks and so on. If you’re not entirely sure how to go about that, feel free to ask your dentist for some advice – they’ll be thrilled that you’re considering nutritional factors!

In the end, make sure your picture-worthy smile has a pretty frame worthy of it. In other words, take care of your lips! Keep them hydrated by drinking lots of water, and no matter how much you might want to, do not lick your lips. You don’t want them getting all cracked and chapped, now do you? If you do have chapped lips already, double down on the hydration and consider using a mild exfoliant.
Also, invest in a good lip balm. Yes, this holds true for men too! You don’t need pinkish shades and fruity aromas if that’s not your style. In fact, you want to steer clear of those anyway, ladies and gents alike. Choose clear, neutral balms, as colors and aromas tend to take up space instead of the caring ingredients you actually need.

You want a lip balm that will have moisturizing properties, and not feel greasy and heavy on your lips. If possible, look for a product that boasts an SPF suitable to your local climate – lips are sensitive to sunburn too! Also, consider a humidifier in your home and office space if chapped lips persist – they are often caused by dry air indoors, and a humidifying solution tends to fix that real quick.

Teeth Whitening System

Having high levels of self-confidence
Ask ten people what makes a person beautiful, and nine of them will list self-confidence among the top three things. Being sure of yourself and showing that will score you respect points with friends and enemies alike. Why are we listing this after all the appearance-related things?

Because the simple truth is, if you don’t look good to yourself, you’re not going to feel good about yourself. How can you act confident if the mirror tells you you’re ugly and unnoticeable? It may sound superficial, but “fake it till you make it” really works! Present yourself a beautiful picture of you, and that will boost your confidence levels.

Higher confidence levels will let you express your genuine self more freely, and this is where you win the game: authenticity will always trump empty aesthetics. So don’t be afraid of using one to step up the other! You might also consider confidence coaching – there are plenty of free resources online if you’re not really up to investing in a full-blown seminar series right now.

Cultivating a winning attitude towards people
Now this is vague, isn’t it? In a nutshell, aim for a balanced mix of confidence and kindness. Know your worth in all affairs, and stand your ground. By all means, if somebody is hassling you, put them in their rightful place. But keep it all within the boundaries of wholesome discipline. If you go overboard, you’ll be seen as snobbish and off-putting.

Avoid the pitfalls of stubbornness, crass speech, and casual gaslighting. As far as possible without damaging your own position, keep an open mind to everybody’s perspective, even if it’s weird or appears useless. Don’t swear (much, in public) or shout when talking. And never, ever, try to paint yourself as high and mighty by putting others down. Help people when you can, give them advice only when they ask for it, and don’t take it personally if they end up not taking it.

At the end of the day, being beautiful is hard work. It’s a constant balancing act of looks, attitude, and behavior. Thankfully, though, it’s not that difficult to learn!

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