5 incredible splurges of the rich and famous

The rich and famous are known to enjoy the finer things in life. Part of being wealthy comes with the satisfaction that you get to have your name on expensive and luxurious things. While the rich can buy anything they want, they are quite frugal in their spending. Careful thought is made on investments that have value. Below are some splurges that the rich spend their money on;


Everyone craves to know how the rich and famous live. There is a certain curiosity in wanting to know the kind of house your favourite entrepreneur has. When it comes to the homes for the rich, it’s all about extravagance and comfort. You might be surprised that your favourite mogul is a talented interior decorator hence explaining the innovative landscapes, precisely painted murals and unusual amenities. Having Italian furniture for your luxury home would speak flamboyance to many, however, for the rich, they go above and beyond to make their homes as meaningful and magnificent as possible.

Luxury car


The finer things in life go hand in hand; you cannot live in a luxurious mansion and drive just any car. Classic automobiles cost lots of millions and the market for these sorts of cars is pretty niche hence can only be afforded to the overwhelmingly rich. Luxury car buyers are changing over time. Nowadays, the majority of the buyers are youthful with a growing proportion being female. Concerns over climate changes have made many want to opt for an eco-friendly set of wheels to flaunt their wealth.


Fashion is a status symbol for the rich and famous. Part of knowing how the rich look comes down to dressing. When money is no object, anyone can dress to impress. World renown fashion designers offer show-stopping clothes and accessories for out to look impeccable. While dressing in designer all the time is hugely debatable, fitted garments are a sign of taste, elegance and wealth. The key to success lies in how well put one looks which consequently depicts how people address you. Designer clothes are bound to make one stand from the crowd and look like a million dollars. Prosperous men have their clothes tailored to measure.


Knowing how to look rich is not just about clothing; accessories matter too. There is a wide range of accessories from hats, scarves, belts, bags, shoes to Jewelry. When it comes to jewelry, it has become a universal form of expression. Historically, jewelry was worn as a symbol of power and wealth by the kings, emperors and Pharaohs. Today, jewelry completes a look while acting as an agent of expressing character and personality. People love to accessorise to feel beautiful and confident. The rarer the jewel, the more unique and appealing it is. The rich buy jewelry not only to accessorize but for the future value. Expensive jewellery is worth the high price tag.


The spending of the rich is not limited on physical items and status. Nowadays, people spend on things that leave memories. People love to travel and millionaires certainly have the means to do so. Vacations are a big splurge as people move from country to country in search of new cultures, meet interesting people and enjoy fascinating sceneries.

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