How to Create a Luxury Hotel Bathroom at Home

Luxury Hotel Bathroom

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Many vacationers and international business owners dream of creating a bathroom that resembles the one they had in a luxury hotel room or spa. Fancy hotel bathrooms feel so gloriously decadent and opulent, but why should that affluent feeling be reserved for trips? Instead, create the ultimate bathroom retreat in your own home by following these style tips.

Add Movie-Style Lighting

Hotel mirrors always make us look our best, but it isn’t necessarily because we’re more relaxed or sunkissed from lying on the beach. Luxury hotels install lights that limit shadows to produce a glowy effect on our skin. Swap out blue lights immediately for natural bulbs, or set up candles around the room to set the mood. You can also install a light dimmer for romantic baths.

Invest in Designer Towels

Good luck finding a scratchy or thin towel on vacation. Fancy hotels never seem to have those too small, schlumpy towels that hang awkwardly; they’re more likely to stock the fluffiest and thickest absorbing towels like the ones from Versace Home. Made of 100% cotton, the Versace black ‘I Heart Baroque’ 5 piece towel set will look incredibly draped around a heated towel rail.

Install a Heated Towel Rail

Hotels know how to replicate that cozy feeling of pulling warm towels and linen out of the dry by using a heated towel rail or rack in the bathrooms. Typically attached to walls, heated towel racks have multiple bars that let you keep wet or dry towels on display while keeping them toasty. Heated towel rails can also warm your bathroom, so you don’t feel cold after a shower.

Purchase a Cozy Bathrobe

You’ll always feel like you’re living your best life whenever you slip out of the shower and throw on a luxury bathrobe. Whether you prefer buttery soft silk robes or plushy cotton blankets, both will make your daily routine more comfortable. Lounging on the couch on the weekend will start to become a decadent activity, and that coffee you’re sipping will begin to taste extra good.

Coordinate Your Bathroom Accessories 

A simple way to make your bathroom more luxurious is by adding a cohesive set of sophisticated accessories. The Capriz Bathroom Accessory Collection is a beachy yet modern set that includes a soap dish, lotion dispenser, wastebasket, tumbler, vanity tray, tissue box cover, and toothbrush holder. You can add a towel holder or jar to complete the collection.

Change Out Your Current Vanity Set

Vanities are the centerpiece of any bathroom. You can quickly change the look of the space by installing a more sophisticated, contemporary option. Adding a marble countertop to any vanity set will instantly make your bathroom feel more luxurious. Be sure to install a vanity with multiple drawers and counter space so you have room to store towels and display toiletries.

Buy High-End Toiletries 

Luxury hotels place multiple high-end toiletries throughout the bathroom for their customers to enjoy, and each hotel chain has its own preferred brands. The Kensington Hotel and The Edinburg Grand stock Malin & Goetz products emphasize natural ingredients and a beautiful fragrance. Their products have a modern look that can fit in almost any bathroom.

Get a Shower Head Upgrade

Rainfall showerheads are commonly found in many luxury hotel chains, and the Air Wide Handheld Shower Head can give you that experience for a little over $100. Its ultra-wide coverage provides a full-bodied spray for maximum body content, and its lowered spray force makes showers incredibly soothing. This showerhead is also extremely water efficient.

Replace Your Plastic Shower Curtain

A plastic shower curtain would look out-of-place in a luxury hotel bathroom, so throw it out and replace it with a 100-percent cotton, machine washable statement piece. Feel free to get creative with the pattern and colors on your shower curtain. A red curtain will look fierce next to a white wall. Make sure it’s thin enough for light to pass through so you can see in the shower.

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