What do engagement rings look like around the world?

Wedding traditions differ around the world. Some cultures celebrate with big parties, while others prefer a more intimate ceremony. Just like wedding traditions, engagement ring preferences are also different from culture to culture.

What do engagement rings look like around the world?

In the UK, the diamond engagement ring continues to be the most popular choice. F-Hinds, a UK based jeweller, carried out a survey in 2020 into engagement ring trends across the world. They found that, on average, there were 14,800 monthly searches for diamond engagement rings in the UK.  August 2020 was the most popular month to search for a diamond engagement ring in the UK. The diamond ring is a classic in the UK, and it will continue to be so for years to come.

British couples also preferred white gold bands for engagement and wedding rings in 2020. However, January 2021 saw an influx of requests and searches for platinum engagement ring bands. If you fancy a diamond engagement ring, make sure to contact your jewellers in advance of the proposal. You might even be able to get the ring personalised with a small engravement or additional decoration.

French and German couples also like diamond engagement rings. In fact, France saw 1,900 searches per month in 2020 for diamond rings. Spain, on the other hand, prefers rose gold rings to the more classic materials. 

Rose gold became a huge trend across the jewellery, fashion and even interiors industry in the 2010s. In the USA, rose gold rings were searched more than 60,500 times per month in 2020. This trend shows no sign of slowing down and has spanned across the world to Australia and New Zealand.

Down under in Australia and New Zealand, couples are looking to pair the rose gold band with a vibrant sapphire stone. Coloured gemstones have become increasingly popular in recent years as celebrities, like Katy Perry, showcase their colourful engagement rings. From rubies to emeralds, coloured gemstones can add personality and character to an engagement ring to make it feel a little more like you. Sometimes a silver diamond ring feels a little classic and lacks that special personal touch.

Bespoke rings are also becoming popular with couples in the UK. Couples want more input on the design process and the materials used. The younger generations are starting to pay attention to the sustainability and ethical issues in the jewellery industry. Younger couples often prefer Lab-grown diamonds as the stones look nearly identical to the mined version. Mined diamonds cause mass environmental damage to obtain and have been associated with unethical labour as well.

If you are looking to propose in the coming months, make sure to visit multiple jewellers to find the perfect ring for your loved one.

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