How much does Autoflower yield?

Growing autoflowers is a sheer pleasure: they don't need much care, mature fast, and don't take much place. Yet many people are concerned about the yields they provide, taking into account their relatively small size and short lifespan. Are they even worth it if one bush brings close to nothing? Today we will find out what harvest to expect from an auto and which auto flowering cannabis seeds you should buy to get the most buds.


How to Measure the Yield

There are three ways to measure how many crops you get:

  1. Gram per m2: this is the most precise and effective way of measuring as it states how much you can potentially get from one square meter of your setup. It's comfortable to use when comparing different strains to see which one will give you a more pleasing harvest.

  2. Gram per Watt: a measure favored by top-class cultivators, who need to worry about their greenhouse being cost-effective. It measures how much energy is used to receive one gram of dehydrated weed.

  3. Gram per plant: while this measure provides only a rough assumption as all plants and growth conditions are different, it's the easiest one to read and understand the margins of your future harvest.

Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation

Yields differ greatly depending on where your plants grow. Plants that are placed inside the house are limited by the size of their pots and the space around them. You can generally expect around 10 to 60 grams per auto plant grown under the roof, depending on strain and setup.

Outdoor-grown autoflowers have unlimited space for vertical and horizontal growth. They will gift you with an average of 50 to 100g per plant.

How to Increase Your Crops?

Here are some tips to increase your yield:

  1. Choose more productive strains.

  2. Use bigger pots.

  3. Give your plants enough light.

  4. Add nutrients and fertilizers.

  5. Apply LST or SOG to make plants grow more buds.

  6. Choose the right moment for harvest.

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