7 Things You Should Know Before You Start Running for Exercise

Running is one of the most popular forms of aerobic exercise. It’s easily accessible to a lot of people because it doesn’t require a lot of equipment to get started, plus it has many immediate and long-term benefits for one’s physical health and mental wellbeing. Many people run to address their weight concerns, but there are also those who engage in the activity as a means of keeping themselves in tip-top shape and preparing for races and marathons.


If you’re thinking about taking up running as your regular form of exercise, it’s a good idea to commit yourself to the activity and make plans on how to turn it into a habit. To do this, you need to keep a few things in mind that will help you ensure a great start. Here they are:

It’s a Must to Consult Your Doctor Before You Start
Running may be a popular exercise, but that doesn’t mean that everyone can start running whenever they feel like it. Before you start with this exercise, see your doctor and share your plan, then get their input on the matter. This step is especially important if you’re overweight, have chronic illnesses, or are over 40 years of age. 

Having an Exercise Getup Will Help You Stay Focused
Dressing up for running can help you get into the mood to run. Before starting, buy antimicrobial tights that will keep you feeling clean, moisture-wicking clothes that will help you stay fresh even if you’re sweating, and socks and shoes that offer your feet the full range of protection that the pair needs. Putting these dedicated clothing items on before every run can help you mentally prepare for your next exercise session. 

There’s a Proper Way to Run, Jog, and Walk
Many adults have used their feet for walking, running, and jogging for almost as long as they have been alive, but this doesn’t mean that they are using their feet correctly while doing these activities. To maximize the benefits of running, it’s imperative for people to have the right posture while doing so. This means keeping the upper body relaxed, holding your arms in a 90-degree position near the body, syncing your breathing with your steps, and avoiding heel striking. 

Your Body Needs to Get Used to the Act of Running
You can’t just start running full speed once you get a clean bill of health from your doctor and a few sets of running clothes from the store. This is especially true if you’re a complete beginner in terms of exercising. Remember that physical activity strains the body and that you might find it difficult to cope with the consequences of running if you just start going at it on day one. Before anything, try brisk walking a few times. If you feel good about it, you can start increasing your pace to a jog or a run and start setting goals for yourself in the coming days and weeks. 

A Weekly Plan Will Help You Track Your Progress and Attain Goals 
Running in itself can be fun for many people, and this sense of enjoyment can push them to continuously improve their performance and progress in their goals. But no matter if you enjoy running or not, it’s advisable that you start to keep a record of your progress. Taking note of your goals and how far you’ve come in achieving them can help you maintain your habit of running, even if the activity doesn’t exactly thrill you.

Safety Should Still Be a Top Priority When Exercising
Running is a relatively safe activity on its own, but there are a few dangers and threats that you should be aware of when you’re busy running outdoors. If you’re running or walking along a busy road or in low-visibility conditions, it’s important to ensure that you’re visible so that vehicles can keep a safe distance. At night, you can wear a headlamp to see where you’re going and to increase your visibility. It’s also an option to wear reflective clothing or put reflective tapes on your clothes, jacket, or shoes. 

Running Can Also Be a Social Activity, Just Like Other Forms of Exercise
Runners are often pictured doing their thing alone, but this need not necessarily be the case for you. While running is a great way of spending your me-time, it can also be the perfect way to spend time with others. If you and a family member or a friend are aiming to get healthier or prepare for an upcoming marathon, you can train together and talk about your strategies to reach your goals. Aside from running together, you can also plan your meals and support each other in your goal of living a healthier lifestyle.

If you’re well-informed about your options while adopting running, you’ll be able to further customize the habits that you want to form in connection to this exercise. Remember these notes when determining your next step in your running journey, and you’ll have an easier time adopting a running routine that suits your lifestyle and goals. 

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