For women over 45, who wish to look as young as they feel

Between the ages of 50 and 60 the skin's collagen fibres become fragmented and connective tissue becomes weaker, levels of the naturally occuring hyaluranon decreases significantly.

За жените над 45 години, които искат да изглеждат толкова млади, колкото се чувстват

Instant skin lift with Nivea Visage Expert Lift is part of the innovative skincare system from Nivea Visage that provides instant lifting results and long-term contouring.

The Expert Lift series contain hyaluronic acid, a skin hydrating bioactive that instantly makes skin plumper, smoother and tighter. Bioxilift, another ingredient, is a natural extract from the anise plant that firms skin by improving the structure of weakened collagen fibers. This cream contains both hyaluronic acid and Bioxilift. The SPF UVA and UVB protects the skin from premature aging caused by sun exposure.
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