How to keep the perfume scent longer when applied

The best way to wear perfume is to put it on some specific points to make the fragrance last longer.

Those are the pulse points, the areas that produce heat to which in turn releases the scent of your perfume - inside of elbows, back of knees, wrist, neck and cleavage.

We suggest that you start with the lower body points and go upwards.

To achieve stronger smell you can also layer the perfumes.

You can get a group of similar fragrances.

Use the shower or bath gel of the group while having your bath. Then rub in the body lotion or bath spray just after the bath. After that apply the perfume or spray it into the air and walk into the fragrance to distribute the scent over your entire body.

Never spray perfume when you are not fresh and clean.

A good idea is to spray your hairbrush with the perfume and run it through your hair.

If you know other tips, share them with us.
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