Escape from the heat - How to make life cool

A typical summer picture: a fountain and in it people not wanting to get out - it's nice in the water, and there is only dust and intense heat outside of the fountain. There are ways however, to make life cool. All of the following recommendations are simple, practical and efficient. All you have to do is change your summer habits and heat won't be a threat to you.

Escape from the heat - How to make life coolCosmetics
The less cosmetics you use in summer, the better! It's worth to always carry thermal water-spray, that lots of brands offer. Spray your face, shank, wrists and elbow curves, and everything will be alright. If your feet are tired use cooling foot sprays. Damping emulsions, eye pencils and decorative shades with cooling effect freshen the face very well.

Ethereal oils can relieve your life significantly when you suffocate of the heat in the big city. Spread two drops of mint, lavender or grapefruit oil on a cotton towel and carry it with yourself.

You will be feeling fresh and comfortable in the light cloud of the scent. Rub in a few drops of oil on the temple area and the palms. Put a drop of mint oil on your tongue and you'll start breathing easier right away.

Escape from the heat - How to make life coolDrinks
The important thing is to take control of yourself and forget about the "Always cold beer" signs. Beer is good, but only in the evening, when the heat decreases. The less alcohol there is in your blood, the easier your system copes with high temperatures of the environment. The cold soda-water is also inappropriate - it cools only the throat, creating a risk of angina. The best option is a cup of hot green or mint tea for heat-exchange regulation. The mineral water is needed to recover the water-salt balance. If you want it really bad, you can pour it on your head even. Blueberry juice, lemon water or water with a couple drops of mint oil, as well as fresh squeezed fruit, esspecially oranges, have a good cooling effect. To have the refreshing moisture always at hand use thermoses or light bottles made of special low heat-conducting plastic. Tea won't cool down and water will stay cool in them.

Escape from the heat - How to make life coolFood
The drenched in sweat person is usually not hungry at all. But there are products, which can refresh you really well, and also give the stomach something to do. According to ayurved (the most ancient Medical Science that has originated in the land of India), cucumbers have the greatest cooling effect. You can just crunch them or prepare a bowl of green gaspacho (a strained cucumber, mineral water and mint). Chinese prefer watermelons, and not just the softer part, but also the peel of which they boil a soup. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and other juicy grape fruit lower the overall organism temperature, and create a feeling of satiety. It will be easier to tackle the heat with a slice of melon, tomato or grapefruit.

Even in the most crucial moments when you think like you are going to pass out of heat, you can help yourself by massaging the biologically active spots. Rub down the ears - they have a lot of active spots. Force your thumbs down, and also the area under yout nose, until you feel the pain. Pinch your thighs. The organism reacts to pain by releasing adrenalin, blood vessels widen, all systems activate. If you breathe heavily put a pill of validol or just a sugar cube under your tongue - in the undertongue area there is a spot, which stimulates heart activity. If you are in the subway and someone tweaks your thigh - know that he's taking care of your health.

It's best to travel only by car with an air-conditioning. The walk or public transport lovers can equip with a personal cooling system. Unlike the bulky and heavy air-conditioners in offices, the pocket fan can be carried always and everywhere. Turn it on and you feel a current of cool air run over your heat-exhausted body. It's powered by a small battery which provides a few hours of constant work. If this useful device isn't convenient for you, cool yourself down like a real lady with a temperamental fan.

Ancient Romans wore crystal balls in the heat, and believed that they absorb the surplus amount of heat. It's correct - the crystal has a good heat conduction and heat capacity. That's why even in the heat it feels cool. To put grandma's crystal vase under our shirt however, looks like a questionable pleasure, but earrings, bracelets and necklaces made of mountain crystal, would be a refined solution. Native africans used bamboo. It absorbs heat so well that africans sent their women to spend the night outside, while they slept embracing the tree. It might be hard, but it sure is cool!

Translated by
Martin Todorov

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